Brimstone Brawlers is a competitive action game from developers from Ategig Studios. In a multiplayer game, characters fight in small arenas. And the game itself is somewhat reminiscent of Dota 2, only with a smaller card size. The game was released in 2020.

The game takes place in a fantasy world in the city of Brimstone. In different arenas of small size, where the characters more refer to their abilities and skills to evade enemy attacks.

The player is presented with about 12 combat characters with their unique abilities. In some cases, character abilities can produce reinforcing attacks. For example, two characters in a team can cause additional damage in one place.

The game has a system of mixing effects. Different chemicals can produce different chemical reactions. And when combined, impressive effects are created.

Characters that belong to ranged classes and deal damage with rifle attacks. If their attacks and shells collide with each other, they can bounce and not reach the target.

About game cards.

Fighting can take place at locations where surrounding things and objects can cause damage. For example, a train passing by, which can cause great damage if there is a character in its path. Opponents can take advantage of this and throw the opponent on the rails at the moment of train movement.

You can compete in the arena of the football field, where players are divided into teams. And the essence of the game is to score a goal with the ball. In this case, you can also use your fighting abilities and inflict damage on the enemy.

About the conclusion.

The game turned out quite interesting if you play in a team and understand your allies. Since the cards are not very large, you cannot get far. And it is a team game that can contribute to the victory over the enemy.