American anti-tank self-propelled gun T 67

Development began in the spring of 1942. The car was tested in the fall of 1942. After testing, it was decided to replace the 57-mm cannon with a 75-mm cannon. It was made two prototypes. Not commercially released, was not in service.

American anti-tank self-propelled artillery installation of the fifth level. It features a small silhouette, excellent dynamics, high speed and excellent armament. However, booking a car is almost absent, and the tower rotates slowly.

Usually, the tactics of the PT-SAU are used for the T67: the car takes a comfortable position (better behind the trees or in the bushes) and conducts shelling at the incoming enemy from a medium-long range. A quick-firing gun allows you to quickly get rid of light and medium tanks. T67 has a “cardboard” armor, so in case of danger you should change the position, which will contribute to a good speed. Also undesirable are duels with exchanges of “shot-to-shot” and close maneuvering combat — the safety factor of the T67, like that of all PT-ACS, is less than that of classmates; maneuverability is worse, and it dies even faster.

The use of T67 for intelligence is possible if there is no more suitable candidate for this role in the team, but still it is not recommended. The car has poor maneuverability, and it will be much more useful as a tank destroyer.

Experienced players, being at the top of the list, can play in the style of medium tanks, especially when playing with a platoon on two or three T67. High speed and small size allow you to break through the flanks to the rear of the enemy and quickly destroy the ACS left unattended. If you have a chance, you can go to the stern and destroy a few slow opponents, like heavy tanks or PT-ACS. However, it is not advisable to approach them or try to swirl them – slowly rotating tower and building significantly complicate the maneuvering on the T67. Even if you managed to get into the stern of the enemy, it is better to shoot at him from as far as possible and be ready to hide at any time.

Thus, due to the presence of the tower and high speed, the T67 is able to prove itself well in various tactics that are not typical of the PT-SAU class. However, you should not overestimate her abilities – with an inaccurate game, the self-propelled gun will be quickly destroyed and will not be able to bring that benefit to the team to which it is capable.