Crowfall review online MMORPG games and survival strategies

Crowfall is an online game where players and their characters have to develop their fortress and more. And the world in which development and battles take place over time is devastated and resources run out. The developer of the game is ArtCraft Entertainment, which plans to release the game in 2020.

Players can choose from as many as 12 races. And each race has from 3 to 5 classes, depending on the race, a total of 11 classes. Which player can choose to participate in the game. Each race and classes have their own unique abilities and game priorities. Some representatives are found only in this game.

About the development of “Soul of the raven.”

The main character that the player controls is Soul in the Form of a Raven. It is her player who inspires when choosing a race and class. One soul is given per player or account. So, you can also develop this same “Soul of the Raven” or the player’s account.

The development includes a system of “Professions” that can be mastered by the player and his “Raven Soul”. You can develop three areas of “Fight”, “Craft” and “Research”.

“The fight”. Pumped up all the possible moments associated with the conduct of hostilities. For example, upgrade the ability to wear “Armor” or choose the type of weapon.

“Craft”. We study everything that is subjected to processing or production during the game. Allows you to increase the value of created items as you develop.

“Study”. In this section, you can learn the necessary skills to collect resources.

About the gameplay.

You can start playing in the modes of the “Eternal Kingdom” and “Divine Limits.” There are three modes available in the game, but the third Campaign mode opens when the character reaches level 20.

In the “Eternal Kingdom” mode, the player needs to build his possession, the so-called house. To do this, a special editor opens where you can choose the landscape and the environment. And then build a house or castle.

In the “Divine Limits” mode, the player needs to pump his character or is also called a shell. Which was chosen at the beginning of the game, his race and class. There are no special and general tasks, you need to run and kill different monsters on the map. And get acquainted with the game process, as well as try to get resources.

About the “Company” mode.

After reaching level 20, you can try to play in the “Campaigns” mode. And already in this world you need to choose one of the fractions. Which are at odds with each other for valuable resources. The factions will have enough resources on the first principles, but over time they will become less and less. And in the future, the world may die due to filth.

The game in the “Campaign” is given for a certain period, or rather the world in the “Campaign” mode exists in a limited time. Over this period of time, factions must decide who is the main and strongest, fighting among themselves and keeping control over the territories where important resources are located.

If a character is killed in the “Campaign” mode, then he loses all things and starts from the beginning. At first glance it seems that this is not so scary. But, in the development of the character there are certain specialties that allow you to create a certain type of objects. So, in some cases, such a loss can be sad.

In case of victory of the faction and saving the character’s life. You can get valuable rewards and resources, as well as a set of equipment and available items.

About the elements of survival.

In fact, Crowfall is a unique game combining several genres with the possibility of building your own fortress. And also independently participate in the creation of items such as equipment and cooking.

From some point of view, the game has a survival system. Due to the fact that during the game the character needs to be periodically fed. And for this moment the special “Satiety Scale” is responsible. Food needs to be prepared and carried with you, and when the “Scale of Satiety” ends, you need to open the inventory and feed the character.

Given this moment on the battlefield, it may not be very convenient. Since the inventory interface can close the necessary elements on the battlefield. And if the enemy is nearby, that is, the rice will get good damage. Therefore, for feeding, you need to leave the battlefield at a decent distance behind the backs of the allies.

About the change of season.

The game has a change of season, as well as in real life. During the summer, the land is very fertile and you can collect a lot of useful resources and food.

And winter is considered the most hostile time of the year, as the living monsters are more dangerous and cause increased damage. In addition, problems are added in the search for resources. During this period of time, players are required to exert maximum skill and attention.