Days Gone. Biker vs zombies or survive alone

Days Gone. Biker vs zombies or survive alone

SIE Bend Studio worked on the development of the game. The game itself was released on April 26, 2019. According to the developers, after the game was released, they had plans to create a whole series of games from Days Gone.

The game takes place five years after a dangerous virus destroyed the United States. During the spread of the virus on the territory of the country, 12 points of the quarantine zone and the treatment of people were built, but by the beginning of the game action all of them were already destroyed and abandoned.

In the game world there are five settlements. The main character, the Deacon, will move between them in the large open world, and build relationships with the people living in the settlements. In addition, there will be abandoned large cities that can be explored. Weapons in the game are subject to wear due to rain and moisture. In addition to the main story, there will be additional entertainment – clearing camps and killing zombies. And more about the past of the protagonist will allow to know the mission. On the map you can fall into the trap or ambush of other survivors who will have to fight.

The game will change the time of year and precipitation will influence the game itself. Under heavy rain, for example, it is more difficult to detect the enemy, but there will be lightning strikes that illuminate everything around for a while. But in the fresh snow there are clearly visible traces of enemies, which allows them to track down. On the other hand, in the drifts the motorcycle of the main character will slip, and even the infected ones, the main enemies in Days Gone, with the onset of cold weather become stronger.

The game has four types of difficulty, the latter difficulty is called “Survival”. Including which the player will lose a number of advantages and standard features, such as a mini-map and a variety of indicators.

Developers are planning a weekly, for players, to release new tests related to the usual battles, hordes of zombies and motorcycles. For the passage of the tests will be awarded trophies, the appearance of a motorcycle and additional useful items.

Currently there are two types of zombies. Triton – a child, a small agile creature that moves on all fours. They attack from ambush and generally keep apart. Another type of zombie is a “horde”: the walking dead, completely canonical in appearance, are attacking in droves. Zombies stick together and resemble a homogeneous biomass. One has only to disturb the horde, and the waves of mutants will rush at Deacon, filling the aisles, filling the windows, making their way through the doors and destroying the walls.

Zombies have their own habits, which are not typical of the dead from other zombie games or movies: they make “nests” in caves and buildings, they have some rudiments of human memories and habits, like love of bijouterie, they are knocking together life, and slept in the afternoon. Even the virus that killed most of humanity is here tried to be explained scientifically: zombies eat not only meat, but also berries. At the same time, they continue to mutate, actually turning into a separate biological species.