Diablo 4 new race Cannibals and other improvements

Not so long ago, the developers of the game Blizzard Entertainment have included new opponents in the game. A whole race of Cannibals. Each of their warriors has its own attacks and is dangerous for the hero in its own way.

Special attacks that enemy fighters can inflict can be identified by their weapons. For example, a cannibal warrior with a two-handed sword will attack our hero slowly, but with great damage. Enemies with halberds are able to jump at small distances on the hero and attack him. And enemy wars with two weapons in their hands, batons or axes, can deliver quick attacks.

The Cannibalas have no ranged fighters, but melee fighters are fast. They are also able to move quickly even over terrain with obstacles.

The updates from the developers did not end there, they included the ability to change the purpose of the left mouse button. Having thus made the possibilities of the players more flexible and convenient. If before, the left mouse button was responsible for the attack and movement, but now we can say this problem has been solved.

Changed the interface and display of equipment in the inventory. Items have a 3D look and are more adapted to the Diablo 4 interface.