Disintegration science fiction action game with strategy elements

Disintegration is a unique first-person game, with the ability to control fighters. It turns out like a shooter with child support strategy in real time. Studio V1 Interactive is working on the development of the game, which plans to release the game in release around 2020.

According to the Disintegration scenario, the world was almost completely destroyed from human civilization. Due to the global epidemic called Frost. In an attempt to save humanity, scientists used advanced technology to transplant human brains into armored capsules. These capsules were subsequently attached to the bodies of robots.

Thus, the mind of the human race was preserved. After the victory of the epidemic, Rayonne resistance formed, which refused to return to human bodies. And against the backdrop of this confrontation, he formed his army. The head of this organization is Black Shuck. Black Shuck is one of the first to participate in a transplant experiment. His organization, Rayonne, is looking all over North America for the remaining people and semi-robots who are trying to return to their normal lives. And then they lure to their side.

The main character to play for, escaped from captivity Rayonne and assembled his team confrontation. He controls a special flying motorcycle and manages a small ground detachment.

In the development of the gameplay, the developers included a lot of ideas that had not yet been implemented. Thus, they occupy a niche that has not yet been investigated by man. Introduced new mechanics in the game that allows you to interact with objects, flying above the ground and controlling ground fighters.

The game has a story company, which can take tens of hours. You can improve the detachment, but for this you need to collect scrap. Which you need to look in different places on the map, exploring the world. But there will be no long stops and breaks; regular combat clashes with enemy units are expected. You can also improve the main character, but to get a new skill you need to reach level 10.

After passing the company, players can plunge online and test their skills on real players. In total, 3 game modes will be available for the first time. Capture points and hold them, getting the corresponding points. Finding objects and delivering them to an enemy base. In a battle with other players, after their defeat, the player will need to remove the container with the brains from it.

The game Disintegration will be available 9 units. And each detachment has its own unique abilities and, accordingly, the tactics of their application. Some teams are focused on penetration and fast attack of Neon Dreams. WarhedZ detachment is more reminiscent of tanks, it is difficult to get close to them because they have attacks with grenades and missiles. Others have features in the aircraft of the protagonist and others.

There is no hero and troop leveling online, so you won’t have to collect scrap. But this information is at the moment. Who knows, maybe in the online game they will introduce a mode where these functions will become available to the player.