fcm 36 French light tank FCM 36

The French light tank FCM 36 was developed in the mid-30s as part of a competition to create a new infantry support tank. It was developed by Societe des Forges et Chantiers de la Med iter ran (FCM). The only French tank with a diesel engine. Until 1939, 100 cars were produced.

The hull and tower are welded. Armor sheets are located with optimal tilt angles. The design of the chassis borrowed from a heavy tank B1.

All issued FCM36 entered service with the 4th and 7th separate tank battalions of the French army. During the 1940 campaign, these units were attached to the 2nd Field Army. In the period of the “battle for France,” both battalions didn’t show anything special. With the surrender, almost all FCM36 went to the Germans, who used their base to create self-propelled guns: 24 with 75 mm anti-tank Cannon 40 (7.5 cm PAK 40 (Sf) and 24 with 105 mm howitzer (10.5 cm leFH (Sf ).

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French light tank FCM 36 is on level 2. For its level and class, the tank is well armored, but also very slow and not agile. And because of these indicators it can be compared with a heavy tank.

The maximum speed that a light tank FCM 36 can develop is 24 kilometers per hour. Not smartly for a light tank, until the Allies have arrived, they will already engage in battle with enemy tanks. And this is one of the drawbacks of this tank.

Armament to choose one of the three 37 mm APX SA18, 25 mm Canon Raccourci mle. 1934 or 37 mm SA38. From the proposed in our opinion a more comfortable gun 25 mm Canon Raccourci mle. 1934. Punches 46 millimeters of armor and deals one-time damage of 27 units. This damage from the above cannons is not the greatest, but the gun can penetrate a large thickness of armor and a good speed of information of 1.80 seconds.

Booking a French light tank FCM 36 is 40 millimeters of frontal armor of the tower and hull. This avoids most of the attacks from machine guns and some guns. Very often there are ricochets and armor is not pierced by enemy tanks.