fcm 36 wot history of creation and use in battles

World of Tanks is a client-based online game in the genre of MMO tank battles. The game features a huge number of combat vehicles from different periods of time, where players can master the tanks they like and try them out on the battlefields. The developers of the game are Wargaming studios (Lesta Games), who released the game in 2010 and have been diligently supporting the game for a long period of time.

You can learn about the history of the creation of the FCM 36 tank, as well as its baptism of fire and use in combat. A brief description of the design of the tank and its armament is described. The use of the FCM 36 tank by German units during the period of trophy capture. Information on the FCM 36 tank in the World of Tanks game is also provided, including the desired tactics for use.

Description of the tank of the French light tank FCM 36.

The French light tank FCM 36 was developed in the mid-30s as part of a competition to create a new infantry support tank. Its development was carried out by the company Societe des Forges et Chantiers de la Med iter ran her (FCM). The only French tank with a diesel engine. Until 1939, 100 cars were produced.

The hull and turret are welded. armor plates are located at optimal angles. The design of the chassis was borrowed from the heavy tank B1. sharp, beveled corners contributed to the ricochets of machine guns. This made it possible to make the tank more survivable in battle conditions, within the framework of some enemy weapons.

All produced FCM36 entered service with the 4th and 7th separate tank battalions of the French army. During the 1940 campaign, these units were assigned to the 2nd Field Army. During the “Battle of France” both battalions did not show themselves to be anything special. With the announcement of surrender, almost all FCM36 went to the Germans, who used their base to create self-propelled guns: 24 with a 75 mm anti-tank gun Pak 40 (7.5 cm Pak 40 (Sf) and 24 with a 105 mm howitzer (10.5 cm leFH (Sf) ).

Baptism of fire and combat operations FCM 36.

In the ranks of the French army, FCM 36 tanks appeared in the 503e GBC unit, which was modified by reorganization and the inclusion of several battalions. The very first combat mission was set on May 13, when German infantry stormed the river. Mesa and a German bridgehead was created near Sedan. The task was to dislodge German forces from the occupied territory, but the rapid attack did not work out, as the infantry fled from their positions.

The first assault participation of FCM 36 tanks was carried out on the morning of May 14, almost straight from the march they went straight into battle. There was a tank battle with German units near Bulson, where French soldiers managed to knock out several armored vehicles and light tanks. A successful tank offensive with FCM 36 tanks advanced until a collision with German Pz.3 heavy tanks. The fact is that the Pz.3 tanks had good armor for the weak gun of the FCM 36 tank. At the same time, the FCM 36 tank also had a fairly good gun, but could not penetrate the German Pz.3.

During fierce battles, German units managed to push through the French defenses, due to the rapid advance and good armor of the Pz.3 tanks. As a result, the retreating French left 26 destroyed FCM 36 tanks on the battlefield, out of 36 FCM 36 tanks participating in the battle of the 7th battalion.

The last days of the life of the FCM 36 tank.

The retreating French units were transferred to the city of Stonn, where on May 15 they suffered minor losses while fighting with German units for the city. A little later, when the act of surrender was signed, FCM 36 tanks continued to serve in the ranks of France and covered the army’s retreat to the south. During the period of movement and cover, towards the south, another 45 FCM 36 tanks were lost. Due to such significant losses, the French army numbered about 10 FCM 36 tanks on June 25, 1940.

The Germans managed to capture a significant number of FCM 36 tanks, but during inspection and restoration work, only 50 tanks were collected. But the German army did not use them in combat until 1944, since the combat ability was not effective. Therefore, all the captured tanks were stored in warehouses. The reason for this decision was the rather weak gun, which did not allow it to successfully fight even light enemy tanks. At the same time, it was impossible to carry out modernization with the installation of stronger weapons due to the small turret.

They decided to review the full rearmament of the FCM 36 tanks at the beginning of 1944, when the Allied landings in Normandy took place. The Germans urgently needed to increase the number of tanks, but in their standard form the FCM 36 tanks did not satisfy the command. As a result, it was decided to significantly rearm and change the class of the tank into a self-propelled artillery unit. Thus, a 105 mm field howitzer (10.5 cm leFH 16) and a 75 mm anti-tank gun (PaK – 40) were installed on the FCM 36 tank. All modernized FCM 36 tanks were destroyed in the battles in Normandy.

On the battlefields of World Of Tanks.

On the battlefields in the game World Of Tanks, the tank is made with preservation of historical accuracy, with elaboration of external details. But the battle may take place far from the territories where the real prototype fought in 1939. As for the opponents, there will also be significant differences from historical events. Since the World of Tanks game offers players a wide variety of nations and their historical combat vehicles.

The FCM 36 tank has good armor.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French light tank FCM 36 is at level 2. For its level and class, the tank is well armored, but it is also very slow and not agile. And because of these indicators, it can be compared to a heavy tank. But the armor can withstand most calibers up to level 3, and this is a fairly good indicator for the light tank class. It is important to maintain some distance and hide vulnerable spots. One of the most vulnerable places is the commander’s cupola.

The armor of the French light tank FCM 36 is 40 millimeters of frontal armor on the turret and hull. This allows you to avoid most attacks from machine guns and some cannons. Very often there are ricochets and the armor of enemy tanks is not penetrated. Thus, the tank has one of the best survivability rates among other tanks of its level. It is important to watch out for artillery shots and higher levels of enemy tanks. Since they are able to penetrate armor and cause decent damage.

Mobility of the FCM 36 tank.

The maximum speed that the FCM 36 light tank can reach is 24 kilometers per hour. Not fast for a light tank, by the time it gets there the allies will already be engaging in battle with enemy tanks. And this is one of the disadvantages of this tank. Just like other tanks, there must be some shortcomings, without which there is no way. Although the tank is of a light class, it has the armor of a heavy tank, and because of this, mobility has noticeably suffered.

This point significantly complicates advancement in open areas, especially if the enemy has tanks of a higher level. Because of this, you have to choose the appropriate territory to advance and the appropriate opponents. At the same time, there is nowhere to go without cover; you need to advance together with your comrades to increase your chances of winning. The most comfortable area for the FCM 36 tank is in urban areas and near buildings. It should be added that the reliefs and swampy terrain make driving noticeably difficult, so it is better to drive along the road.

Armament of the FCM 36 tank.

Armament to choose from: 37 mm APX SA18, 25 mm Canon Raccourci mle. 1934 or 37 mm SA38. Of the guns offered, in our opinion, the more comfortable gun is the 25 mm Canon Raccourci mle. 1934. Penetrates 46 mm of armor and causes one-time damage of 27 units. This damage of the above guns is not the greatest, but the gun can penetrate a large thickness of armor, and has a good aiming speed of 1.80 seconds.

Tactics for playing the FCM 36 tank.

Depending on your position in the team and the enemy’s tank levels, you need to select tactical actions. In almost all cases, the FCM 36 tank should move as part of an allied group of several tanks. In this way, a longer course of the battle can be guaranteed. Warfare is certainly good, but it does not provide 100% guarantee of protection from penetration by enemy shells. Therefore, we hide behind buildings and fences so that only the turret with the gun is visible.

In most cases, on the FCM 36 tank, a defensive position and flank retention are carried out. Since mobility and speed do not allow for assault advancement. At the same time, the weapon itself is also not powerful enough to penetrate light tanks of its level. If you encounter the same FCM 36 on the enemy side, complications may arise with penetration of armor. It should be added that you should not travel to open areas, as this will make the tank an easy target.