French heavy tank ARL 44

The French heavy tank ARL 44 was developed during the war during the German occupation. It was an attempt to use the old chassis from B1 bis, installing on it a new, more powerful weapon. Completed the development of the design office Atelier de Construction de Rueil. And although the machine was far from the most successful against the background of foreign developments, 60 cars were produced.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French heavy tank ARL 44 is on level 6. This is a pretty good tank at the time you enter it into the game. Good frontal armor, but not the best.

On the French heavy tank ARL 44, you can install one of 5 guns, there is plenty to choose from. 76 mm Gun M1A1, 90 mm DCA 30, 90 mm F3, 105 mm Canon 13TR or 90 mm DCA 45. In terms of their fighting qualities, all these weapons are quite good and they are comfortable to play. Except reload time between shots. Our choice was a 90 mm DCA 30 cannon, this cannon made it possible to penetrate the armor of 135 millimeters of armor with a base projectile and inflict one-time damage of 240 units. Other guns of 90 millimeters have a lower rate of fire, worse mixing and dispersion by 100 meters, but penetration and one-time damage is higher. Playing on this tank is to try all the guns presented and choose for yourself what you like and fits your style of play.

The French heavy tank ARL 44 can reach a maximum speed of 37 kilometers per hour. For a class of heavy tanks, these are quite normal indicators. Of course, it is difficult to drive across the field on it, the enemy light tanks will light up more quickly and they will shoot anti-tank self-propelled guns with artillery. For heavy tanks, a comfortable defensive burst is an urban area. And if there is no urban area on the battlefield, it will be difficult to play.

Frontal armor heavy tank ARL 44 is 120 millimeters of armor in the body and 110 millimeters of armor in the tower. Normal armor for your 6th level.