Frostpunk on the first information about the add-on On the Edge

So fans of the game Frostpunk waited, new details about the addition from the developers of the game from the studio 11 bit studios. A new addition is called On the Edge, which is due out in the near future. And at the moment, the developers have reported some details and are as if preparing their fans for something more.

The game will add a new company and new mechanics in the game. And problems will have to be solved both in the city and on the map of Frosty Lands. Where will the new frosty board appear.

The game will take place after a blizzard, when the population managed to survive and survive this difficult test.  the expedition from New London sets off on a new journey. And the surviving population will have to accept new challenges and challenges.

And that’s all for now. More detailed information, the developers promise to present to the public before the release itself. All that remains for us is to wait.