Game event world of tanks Flight to the third planet from April 12 to 27

Once again, developers delight players with special events, in which you can get unique rewards. This time the event is dedicated to “Cosmonautics Day” called “Flight to the Third Planet”. The combat event starts on April 12, 2020 and runs until April 27, 2020.

Before starting to participate in the event, the player must choose the level of difficulty. There are three levels in total: easy, medium and difficult. Each level has its own number of rewards. The higher the difficulty level, the greater the reward.

And getting a reward is simple, for this you need to go into the game every day and perform special tasks. A total of 7 tasks are available during the week. But all the tasks at once on the first day of the event will not work at once.

Every day a new task will be opened, which is available for completion. If you started to complete tasks from the first day of the game event, you can only complete the first task. Well, if for some reason we entered the game in the middle of the event, then the tasks will be available from the first bottom of the game event. But the tasks of the next day are closed.

The main rewards are “experience for the tank” and “experience for the crew”, which become available the next day only after completing one task. And after the entire game event, these experience bonuses become active for a whole week. But only for those players who were able to pass all who had tasks for a week.

By past experiences that are activated the next day. Players can receive such valuable rewards as premium, unique looks for tankers, credits and reserves.

“Success on the battlefields”!