Game review Cyberpunk 2077 and the possible future of mankind

The developers of the game Cyberpunk 2077 is a studio CD Projekt RED, the game is made in the genre of RPG. The estimated release date of the game is scheduled for April 16, 2020. The developer’s site has already begun to pre-order the game, including the collector’s edition.

The collector’s edition includes: a collection box, a case with game disks (XBOX / PS4), a case with a code for loading the game and disks with a soundtrack (PC), Double-sided cover, a steel metal collection case, 5-centimeter figurine of V, the main character of the game , in action, a hard cover artbook, a set of metal badges, a Quadra Vtech metal key chain, a copy of the Night City Guide with comments, sealed in the Night City Police evidence package, patch, a guide to information about the game world and its stories, postcards from NaytSiti, NaytSiti card, set for stikerbombinga, the soundtrack of the game, a booklet with a selection of images from the game, Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook, wallpapers and mobile phone.

The game is developed in the unique city of the future Knight City. At the very beginning of the game, the player will need to create his character, choosing his gender and appearance. When creating a character, you can customize different details, such as hairstyle, clothing, tattoos and other elements. After creating your unique character, you have to play for a mercenary in search of a device that allows you to gain immortality. You will be able to change cyber implants, skills and style of play of your character, exploring the open world, where your actions affect the course of the plot and everything that surrounds you. Thus, you can determine the story of the hero, the important points of his life and the purpose of his arrival in Knight City.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person RPG. The game has a unique character development system. The experience obtained for completing assignments can be used to enhance the basic parameters of the character: intelligence, physique, strength, reflexes, knowledge of technology and others. There are also several character classes that are acquired over time. This Netranner is capable of hacking into electronic systems and even enemies. Solo has excellent fighting abilities. And the technician who is able to perfectly understand the technique.

Weapons are also subject to development and improvement, with the help of which it is easier to perform combat missions. For example, a rifle can shoot self-guided bullets. And implants that can be installed at a special doctor may allow the character to see through the mills, slow down time, run along the walls.

In fact, in the game Cyberpunk 2077 implemented all the best ideas that could be found in other games, Deus Ex, Fallout, GTA, as well as The Witcher. Compared to these games, the Cyberpunk 2077 game has an open big world, you can also pump weapons, move around the open area on foot, interact with different characters and complete tasks. In dialogues, a character with other characters can threaten, lie, bribe, poke a gun at the person in the person who is talking to you.

Moving around Knight City from one location to another is possible in several ways: on your own, by private car, motorbike or by public transport such as a metro or taxi. The city extends not only in length and width, but also in height, as in the game GTA. His life is full of different cultures and customs, random events and numerous details. In Cyberpunk 2077, the weather and daily cycle can change, as in the game GTA, The Witcher, Fallout only without acid storms .. The inhabitants of Knight City have their own routine and way to spend their leisure time. Some after work go to a bar or billiards, while others rent prostitutes and retire in secluded places. Wee also has his own apartment, which is a kind of base: here he keeps clothes and weapons, goes online or uses it for romantic meetings. In the course of the game, the hero can acquire various housing in different parts of the city.

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, corporations are in charge. Their directors are like feudal monarchs, and subordinates regularly kill each other in order to climb the career ladder. Media companies like Network News 54 control the media and are responsible for all entertainment content. Agricultural firms, such as the Soviet giant SovOil, make billions on the biofuel of the future called CHOOH2. Militech and EBM produce everything from weapons to toys. Companies like Zetatech make a profit by developing software for the Web. There are also research firms, the most important of which is Biotechnica: it became rich after the invention of CHOOH2, although it itself did not manufacture it. Knight companies like Arasaka or Lazarus also have great influence in Knight City: they provide other companies with units of mercenaries as personal armies. A number of corporations earn in the market of services. Orbital Air, for example, is engaged in space travel, and Trauma Team International is a special medical insurance company: it sends troops of armed physicians to help customers, no matter what trouble they may be.

Once on the streets of Knight City, it is important to have a good understanding of the subcultures and professions of the city. For example, rockerboys are poets, musicians and speakers who protest against megacorporations. The most famous rockerboy in the world “Cyberpunk” is considered to be the singer and guitarist with a chrome metal arm, Johnny Silverhend, speaking in the open against the military firm Arasaka. Solo – mercenaries, bodyguards and killers Knight City. Netranners are hackers who surf the Net day and night, steal secret information, and then sell it to the fixers — smugglers in the black market. Theka are people who are responsible for the repair of all equipment, ranging from computers, cars and ending with mechanical limbs. The media are desperate journalists of the future, ready to take any risk in order to be the first to make an action-packed report. All the representatives of the law are called cops in High City: detectives, policemen and government agents. The so-called corporate are employees of corporations with money and influence. There are also freedom-loving nomads who plow California roads on motorcycles and treat members of their gangs as close relatives.

The appearance of the game actor Keanu Reeves in the trailer for the game was pleasantly surprised. Of course, from the studio of developers one and all of the expected game Cyberpunk 2077, it was worth waiting for surprises. But the emergence of a world star in the film industry has led to the idea that perhaps this wonderful game will be waiting for a film version. And if so, then the film Cyberpunk 2077 can wait for an obvious success. If we consider that the game has already hit the line of sales leaders on Steam.