Gatewalkers a new word in the topic of survival of the RPG genre and action

Gatewalkers is a new survival RPG and action game. In the near future, the studio developer A Square Softworks will bring the game to general testing, which will be held from March 26 to 29. A tentative release date of the game is scheduled for 2020.

When creating the game, the developers looked for inspiration and, in their opinion, the ideas for survival were implemented appropriately in Minecraft, DayZ and Subnautica games. But they did not completely copy them, but realized their best ideas and solutions.

In the game Gatewalkers, heroes will travel between worlds and establish their bases, as well as fight with various enemies inhabiting these worlds. At the same time, the developers tried to create the most realistic gameplay. And direct elements of primitiveness are obligatory. We’ll have to get the resources of prime necessity.

About the realism of survival.

From realism, one can single out such a moment as cold and winter. At this time of the year, an ordinary person feels cold and is more difficult for him to conduct ordinary business. And when doing some business in the first way, the struggle becomes precisely with the cold. And if the character is far from the heat source, the screen is covered with white snowflakes, and the view on the screen becomes small. Thus, symbolizing the urgent need to look for a heat source, for example a bonfire. Having reached the bonfire, the screen again turns into its original form, and the snowflakes melt.

In their presentation, the developers drew attention to the process of playing at a winter location. Indeed, in their opinion, this is one of the most difficult moments, which sufficiently reflects the survival mechanisms in the game Gatewalkers. Characters who find themselves in northern areas need to take into account body temperature and to maintain it normally you need to create warm clothes and eat fatty foods. In order to keep warm you need to light a fire and use similar heat sources. Have to choose the right clothes to maintain body temperature in good condition. And if frostbite has occurred, then you need to look for ways to eliminate these problems.

On the way, new colonists may have serious problems with weather conditions, a snowstorm can begin in winter. And it is not recommended to be in an open area under such weather conditions. The bonfire may go out and standard tents will not be able to withstand strong winds. Players will need to build strong shelters that can take time in the standard scenario, to hide from a blizzard, you need to find a cave. But danger can also await in the cave, you must at least already have some kind of weapon.

Almost the same, the idea of ​​changing the day and night is realized. At night, the world is more hostile and complex. And creatures behave differently and cannot be moved only at night.

If night falls, the screen darkens, and the visibility overview becomes in the vicinity of the character. You can light a torch and the review becomes larger, but the whole screen does not open. And if the enemy is nearby, then most likely the character may lose or die on a sudden attack.

All heroes are able to pump and have their own abilities. But for this you need to learn and work in order to succeed. Suppose you meet a new enemy, but in order to defeat him you will need a special weapon, such as an ax. But in order to do it, you need to learn and study, as well as study the enemy creature. In the end, it turns out that every thing in the game including weapons needs to be collected independently from the found resources on the map in the world where the gameplay takes place.

You can conquer the worlds alone, but the developers claim that passing the game in cooperative mode is much more interesting. Everything can conquer the world at the same time 4 characters and each washes can be endowed with different abilities. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to create a combined blow to the enemy.

The developers have envisaged a moment of accelerated development. At the beginning of the game, you can collect primitive tools and extract primary resources. But in a more difficult environment, you have to plan and there is such an opportunity. At the beginning of the game, the player has a choice of what resources to take with him for the initial colonization and the construction of the starting settlement.

About magic and elements.

There are several elements that the characters may possess. This is water, fire, lightning, cold, toxicity. The interaction of these elements is designed so that some can cause damage, while others block damage or remove damage. When creating a combined attack, players will have to consider these points, as well as what bonuses an enemy creature has. Each of the creatures can have its own elements of resistance to the elements.

About equipment and gear.

According to the intentions of the developers, players should not experience discomfort in terms of choosing a class. The whole gameplay relies on equipment and a properly dressed and equipped character and can correspond to the class. That is, what clothes the player decided to collect and wear in that class he will be. At the same time, during the game it will be possible to change clothes for a friend, thereby obtaining a flexible class system.

Armor and any other equipment affects the game process. For example, the player managed to collect and make heavy armor, he receives a bonus to strength and stamina, but also a kind of penalty in the form of a reduced attack. If you assemble a set of clothing components, you can unlock abilities and additional spells.

So for example, the player chose the path of studying the “Archer” and in this place the study of “bows” takes place, but you can switch to the “Mage” class and be armed with the “Sword”. This approach to choosing a strategy is possible, but this requires experience and the right blueprints.

Weapons in the game can be enchanted and cast different spells on it. Thanks to this, opposing enemy creatures will be easier. But you need to take into account their resistance and bonuses to immunity to a number of elements.

Words from the developers about the game.

We wanted to make this gameplay experience necessary for progress. But this is not the most important thing that the player should focus on. As for us developers, it’s really nice to see how mechanics fit into the game. Creating a unique experience that will convince players to come back and try something new.