German light tank 43 M. TOLDI 3

The German light tank 43 M. TOLDI 3 is a modification of the light tank 38M Toldi I, named after the Hungarian knight Miklos Toldi. Differs from previous versions of enhanced booking and increased ammunition. During the Second World War, about 12 cars were produced.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the German light tank 43 M. TOLDI 3 is on level 3. It is a rare elite technique. This tank could be obtained by completing the task and as a gift for the game event.

The German light tank 43 M. TOLDI 3 is armed with a 40 mm 37/42 M. L / 45 cannon, which deals an average of one-time damage of about 45 units and pierces 64 millimeters of armor. Not the fastest weapon and not very happy with the damage of 45 units at level 3. In general, we can say that this is just a normal weapon and there is nothing special about it.

The German light tank 43 M. TOLDI 3 can reach a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour and a turn speed of 45 degrees per second. For a light tank, this is not the best indicator. By mobility, a light tank 43 M. TOLDI 3 is more like an average tank. Indicators are average. Quickly leaving the flank where enemy tanks are rapidly leading a breakthrough is most likely not possible, at such a maximum speed other light tanks can overtake it. We’ll have to count and leave the flank in advance.

Booking for a light tank in 43 M. TOLDI 3 is, but not good enough and is 35 millimeters in front of the hull and turret. Bounce and sometimes do not penetrate armor, but very rarely from some machine guns, but a shot from a cannon is likely to penetrate armor.

It is better to play in cover with comrades as a tank of support. Allies shine, and you cover. This will make it possible to compensate for the not-very-fast-firing gun and the average speed, which will allow to avoid many critical moments.