Immortal Realms Vampire Wars about the confrontation of vampire clans in a turn-based strategy

Immortal Realms Vampire Wars is a game about confronting vampire clans and fighting people. In the genre of turn-based strategy and government. Over the development of this interesting game, the studio Palindrome Interactive worked. A full release of the game is planned for April 2020.

From some point of view, the game Immortal Realms Vampire Wars can be called an analogue of Heroes of Might and Magic. It just seems a little darker and more improved.

All the actions of the game take place in a mystical and gloomy world. Where people have a separate goal, be in the form of food to feed the vampire clans. And the development of their states and army.

The game has a system for pumping the main character. The higher the level of the character, the higher and better the army he can take into his submission. At the same time, there is a separate development branch for the army. Thus, you have to choose in which direction to develop the character. Since the character himself and the army is of great importance.

About existing vampire clans.

The world of Immortal Realms Vampire Wars is divided into three territories. And on each territory its own clan rules, with its own characteristics and advantages.

  • Clan Dracula.

It rules in the mysterious lands of Warmont, which is also called the “Kingdom of the Blood Throne.” Their secret and power lies in the power of people who give them vital energy. This clan prefers to be near the person, so people are a source of life and strength.

  • Nosfernus.

The auspicious land for this clan is the land of the dead. Their possessions are located in the east in the plains of Mourterra, popularly called it “Land of the Dead.” People try not to go into these lands, so they are very dangerous.

The main fighting forces are the dead and ghosts, those that have long since left living bodies.

  • Moroia.

On the other side, far from the others, is another clan on the territory of Esain. These lands are called “Ice North”, and blue blood flows in the veins of vampires. They are not dead and not alive at the same time.

They use magic to protect their lands, it is their secret weapon.

About the combat system.

Of the existing clans, you can join one of the parties and control the hero. You can move around the global map, where you need to interact with buildings. And choose the direction of the path and movement. You can immediately heal and replenish the army. And also develop your kingdom and castle, which is improving and changing the look.

And in the event of a combat collision, the view from the global map goes into the location. Where you can manage in step-by-step mode each type of army. At the same time, one type of army is in one cell and externally does not display a large army, and not one fighter.

On the global map, you can also use attacking actions, only with the help of abilities in the form of maps. On which blood is consumed, which can also be obtained on the global map from settlements.

With the help of special cards you can still call the army. Very useful, especially when part of the army is lost in battle. The call for reinforcements is possible on its territory, not far from the main building.