Last Oasis burnt oasis and news about the introduction of animal eggs into the game

Not so long ago, Last Oasis players were informed of a global event. In which their favorite oases will burn from the high temperatures of the scorching sun. At the same time, even well-fortified knowledge and block posts could not survive. But many players took this issue seriously and stocked up on supplies almost according to the full program.

Having spent a lot of time building a strong clay structure. And still not enough time to collect supplies of different resources and hide them in boxes. Even so, the players lost the many labors of their work.

The only thing that survived was the shakers. There should be enough supplies in the walkers to land in the new territory to collect resources. And colonize a new oasis.

If at the time of the process of the scorching sun, the player was not in his oasis, then he and his walker were not injured. At the same time, further movement is aimed at another part of the territory where the glaciers were.

As the planet moves on the other hand, glaciers will melt and new fertile lands will appear. Nomads will go to these places, and other creatures in the place with them. For example, such as “Rupu.”

Tips for keeping your walkers.

Each oasis has a counter of his life and condition. You can see how much your oasis has left to exist on the Global Map by hovering over the oasis.

Now before leaving the game you need to put on your favorite walker “Heart”. Thus you mark it with immunity. Therefore, when you enter the game the next time, it will not disappear and you can continue to move on it. In total, you can give immunity to 5 units of shakers. And everything else is likely to burn out.

To give immunity to a walker, you need to place the cursor on the heart in the upper part of the screen on the “Global Map”. And choose the shakers that you most need for further movement.

A new video about the future new update has been released.

On the cards, creatures have egg masonry. Presumably, the eggs may take some part in the process of creating objects or raising their animals. But, these are only assumptions.

A new species of living creatures will appear, these are creatures similar to large birds. Which will also have nests with eggs. In addition to their eggs, valuable items can be collected on the nests. And these nests are on the tops of the mountains. Which of course are protected by these very birds.

In the middle of the deserts will appear white shamans who have a machine for extracting some resource from eggs. It is still not known exactly whether it will be possible to assemble this machine yourself. Or use such a machine to create resources only with him.