MarZ Tactical Base Defense is one of the best strategy genre games with the presence of the 2019 zombie.

MarZ Tactical Base Defense is one of the best strategy genre games with the presence of the 2019 zombie.

MarZ Tactical Base Defense is one of the best representatives of the strategy genre with the presence of a zombie in 2019, where you go to Mars in order to spare the planet from supporters of the enemy zombie force. On the development of the game worked the developers doorfortyfour. We must pay tribute and say that the game turned out just great with minimal computer loads for the games of 2019.

According to the plot, Mars belonged to the Soviet Union where its owners conducted research and how it later led to disastrous consequences. Under your command you will need to unravel and solve the problem formed on Mars. And for this to go through 20 missions and get to the secret laboratory.

On the colonized planet there are resources that need to be properly used. There are many restrictions on the number of crews, possible key buildings on which defensive structures can be erected, to improvements in facilities and technologies. The basis for the construction of structures is a “generator”, on the first level you can build only 3 buildings, you can improve it 3 times. With each improvement, another slot is added for the structure of a defensive structure, for example a turret.

Take control of your own army, and also do not forget to improve the base so that it is always protected from attacks from the enemy. The worthy future of the Red Planet is now in your hands, therefore you must do everything possible to achieve positive results.

If possible, build a “Science Center” where you can discover new types of turrets – defensive towers. And this is a machine gun, rocket launcher, laser, drones, a tower that slows down zombies. The machine gun improves to level 3, shoots at close range. The rocket launcher also improves to level 3, shoots at medium distance and in area, in our opinion, this is the most effective weapon. The laser shoots a beam at a long distance and also improves to level 3. Drones also operate at great distances, when the enemy approaches the zone of action of the drones, they fly out of the center, several pieces and cause damage to the enemy. After each improvement of a defensive structure, its characteristics, damage, attack range, and stamina are improved.

After the special construction of the “Communication Channel”, it will be possible to upgrade third-level defense towers to elite ones, which will have special opportunities. The turret will receive a special machine gun. On the rocket launcher it will be possible to install a howitzer that will shoot at a very long distance and cause damage over the area. The laser will become more efficient. Drones will be able to place minefields in the area of ​​their action.

There is also a special construction “weapons production center”, which will allow orbital attacks on the surface of Mars at zombies. Drop the bomb, burn it with a laser, freeze the zombies, put a temporary shield on the defenses.

This is where your struggle for survival begins with a limited amount of resources, hazards and numerous trials. The surface of the planet holds a lot of secrets, which you can reveal only when you eliminate the enemy force at the root. And explore the mysterious objects “Monoliths”, a total of 20 pieces for each mission. And it is better to study and collect all these monoliths, since in the very last mission they will be very necessary for solving the problem.

Hordes of zombies go in a strictly direction, which allows the player to be at least slightly prepared for their attacks. Yes, and indicates the time of the raid of the waves. But this does not change the situation and the player can still be hard to beat off these attacks, since the variety of zombies in the normal limit and there are so-called bosses with good safety factors.

New frontiers should be protected immediately after arriving on the surface of Mars, in order to secure for themselves and their army a certain shield from enemy attacks. Distribute the duties correctly between the members of your crew, stock up on powerful weapons and try to achieve your goal.

The crew members at the beginning are also not fully in full for all the buildings and the directions are not enough at once, it is necessary to overtake them from one side to another. And on the challenge of new fighters will have to spend reinforcement resources that could be spent for example to improve the turret. The fighters are also armed with weapons and can also conduct a firefight with zombies if necessary, but they have few strength points.

The enemy has prepared for you a lot of unexpected surprises, so you should be ready for the most unexpected turns. The gameplay is the most dynamic, includes exciting missions and challenging tasks. You will fight for life and victory in order to give hope for a bright future.


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