Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Tips for Owning a Castle

In Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, your own kingdom is a key feature and goal. And to get the opportunity to become king, you need to go through a series of tasks in the company. Or go through a difficult procedure through the clan.

Owning land brings a certain income to the player and allows him to maintain a large number of army. Since it has available resources and capabilities. But, in the beginning, you still have to work for the “Lord” and gain at least some kind of army.

Not all territories can be captured. For example, villages that are controlled by a city or a castle cannot be captured. And to indirectly be their owner, you need to capture just the city or the castle.

  1. Ownership of the territory as an invader.

To take this opportunity, you need to have a good army and siege weapons. And also apply tactical strategies. And if you climb a breach, you can be defeated and you will have to recruit an army again.

The first step is to complete the mission “Explore the Madness of Nerezia.” In this task you need to talk and find all the “Lords”. At first glance, the task is not simple, if you do not know some subtleties.

In order to speed up the process of searching for “Lords”, you need to go to the “Encyclopedia” tab in the “Kingdom”. And you can see the lists of all the clans. To search for “Lords” you need to select a clan where the leader will be displayed in the first lists. By clicking on the “Leader” icon in the upper right corner it says where he was last time. Then click on the city and fix the marker.

In this case, the search for the main thing can be narrowed. But keep in mind that the marker on the map shows only an approximate location. Thus, you can quickly find all the necessary “Lords”.

After completing the task of finding leaders and getting to know them. Two more quests will appear: “Meet Istian” and “Get to Know Arzagos.” But you need to choose one of two. The Arzagos man will demand the overthrow of the territory, and the Istiana woman will advocate for help. You can also find them by indicating the marker on the map, by name.

About independent state ownership.

We recommend that you turn to Arzagos and talk with him “On Creating Your Own Faction”. and inform him of his assignments. And he assures that he will tell the people about the new ruler. But a new task chain is being added. “Collect the banner of the dragon”, “Create a non-imperial kingdom” and “Help the kingdom outside the empire.”

In this case, it becomes possible to become the ruler of his state. His path will not be easy, since it will be necessary to find a weak city. Where can your army defeat the city guards? And only then make this city a fortress.

You can find some “Lord”, follow him and offer to enter his state. Even if you don’t have a state yet, but you have a castle. If the perks for “Belief” and “Leadership” were pumped, then there should not be any big problems. The persuasion process can be difficult.

  1. Ownership of the fortress as a subordinate or subject.

In this case, you must first enter the service of some king who owns the land. At the same time, the level of the clan state should be higher than 3. The level of the clan reflects the indicator of fame and influence.

When battles for a city or castle in clans, the formation of invaders and voting takes place. A person who gains more votes and becomes the owner of the castle.

If you took part in the battle for a fortress or a city, then you need to go to the “Kingdom” and leave a request. And if you stop by, you will not be able to take part in such elections.

In case the election is won and you become the owner of your castle. Please note that those who also left a request and fought for the king’s place may one day become your enemies.

About preparation for the siege.

  • In a neutral relationship.

If you have chosen a city or castle for your control. And at the moment, still in good relations, it is recommended to redeem all food supplies on the market. He will also buy food from caravans going to the city.

After that, you can quickly carry out the siege of the city. Since without food the population in the city will begin to decrease and it will be easier to defeat the army protecting the city in the future.

  • In a war relationship.

If the city is located in the faction with which you are already fighting. It will not be superfluous to first burn villages that are controlled by this city.

The next action will be the deployment of siege structures in the circle of the city. So de must not forget about caravans with food supplies. You need to try not to let them into the city and the siege will be easier.

Siege tips.

Buying food in a city that plans to besiege, you need to quickly and not delay for a long time. Since in case of lack of food, they can recognize cities from the surrounding lands and send caravans there. The price of food can also rise and it may not be enough money to buy it.

Do not build a ballista in an attack on the castle, as it can be destroyed by enemy catapults. And she does not give a big advantage. Archers may well cope with this task.

Catapults are a good thing. Which not only breaks down parts of the fortress, but also causes damage to ranged soldiers standing on the fortress. However, in practice they may not be very effective. And after the battle, a load appears to restore the fortress itself. And at the same time already at his own expense.

You must also take into account the moment that after capturing someone else’s fortress, after some time other troops from the warring state may attack you. So you need to prepare for defense in advance, before the attack. And the siege of your fortress already can follow almost the same scenario that you held.

The most effective siege devices are Stairs and Ram.

To control the “Taran” you need 6 people. And in case the enemy archers succeed in knocking out several pushing ones, this will not affect the speed of movement. And the gates will not stand for a long time.

“Stairs” are good in that you can, with minimal losses in time, climb the wall and start fighting. It is recommended to storm places that are closer to the gate and take two squads with you. One ranged squad. Since in the center at the gate an enemy army accumulates and keeps the gate from attacking “Taran”.