Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord tips for the best workshops and gold mining

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord has the ability to own your kingdom, which you need to keep in good condition and prosperity. And for this you need to work hard and more than once get to the mistake of complicating the development itself. To eliminate a lot of problem points in terms of development. And maintaining competition among other states, you need to know a few nuances that we will discuss in this article.

One of the main points in the game is resources. And perhaps one of the most important in our opinion is “Money.” “Money” is needed to maintain the army and its possessions, as well as to raise the level of the army and purchase valuable items. Thus, the resource “Money” or “Gold” is involved in almost all processes of the game.

At the initial stage, of course, purchases of production workshops are out of the question. But already in the middle of the game you need to think about which workshops are better to get. Which in the future will begin to generate passive income in the form of “Money” from the sale of manufactured goods.

About earnings.

  • Work for the Lord.

At the beginning of the game, it is better to start by performing simple tasks with the population and hunting for bandits. Get a job with the Lord as early as possible. So completing their tasks, you can decently earn extra money and collect a small army. And if you make the “Lords” happy, then they will start to pay more “Money” for the completed tasks.

  • Attacks of settlements of other factions.

Attacking villages is not recommended, as relations with the raided states deteriorate. And as a result, the possibility of hiring the army that this state has is possible.

But still, if your army is already at least somehow strong and the situation in your state is established. That raids can be very necessary, as they bring good resources.

  • Trade in resources.

At the initial stage, this is the trade in those resources that were obtained in the battles. For example, the defeated bandits. On the battlefield, you can collect equipment and weapons. And in some cases, its value can be impressive.

You can also trade with your goods, which are produced in your own workshops. But for this you need to consider several points, since you need to properly configure production.

About workshops and industrial buildings.

When a character has enough money, the question arises of acquiring a workshop. In which it will be possible to produce goods and sell them. The number of ownership of industrial buildings is limited to three units. And in this regard, a serious question arises, which buildings will be better and from which more profits can be expected.

On the one hand, they are not particularly different from each other, in terms of purchasing goods on the market and selling the manufactured product. The main thing for a novice player to understand is that the goods of the purchased workshop are purchased from the domestic market. That is, from that market in the city where your workshop will be located.

And this means that before acquiring a workshop or a forge, you need to draw the availability of goods on the market. And the more such goods the better. Then you need to pay attention to the global map and see what resources are supplied to the city from the villages. The more villages the resource the workshop consumes, the better.

The next thing to know is what workshops are available and what resources they consume.

Types of workshops:

  • Silk factory. Cotton is required to produce its products.
  • Flax factory. Consumes flax.
  • Sawmill for woodwork. Resource tree required.
  • Woolen factory. Need a sheep’s coat.
  • Tannery workshop. Requires moist skin.
  • Forge. Consumes iron and wood.
  • The winery. For production you need wine.
  • Jewelry repair shop. I need silver.
  • Olive press. Olives are used in the production.
  • Ceramic workshop. Uses clay.
  • Brewery. Consumes grain and produces beer.

About the acquisition of a workshop.

So, you have accumulated a sufficient amount of “Money” to buy yourself the first building. To purchase a building, you need to go into the production building. And then talk to any worker in this building. Then there is the opportunity to buy a workshop.

In this case, the workers can choose any available direction, which is most suitable for work in the city. And over time, the price of the purchased building increases and it can be sold.

At the same time, after the sold building, it becomes possible to purchase a new building again. Suppose you have 3 industrial buildings in your possession in the city. And they sold one of them, then you can buy another workshop.

About the conclusion.

Thus, it turns out that the player will have to adapt to the current situation. And to buy the workshop for which there are free resources, if it comes to profit.

As a result, the best workshop is such an industrial building, for which the market has a large number of consumed resources.

If there was an acute desire to see what the Forge could produce. That, of course, you can purchase it, even if the city does not have supplies of Iron, which is required by the Forge. And independently go to another locality and purchase the required resource. It is possible that it can come out a little expensive and time consuming.

But in reality, goods produced at the Forge may be suitable for supplying troops or simply for sale on the market. For the character you need more serious weapons, which can be obtained in battles or bought in the market.