Northgard Clan Raven (Hooglin and Munin) review and game tips

In the Northgard game, members of the Raven Clan are considered excellent explorers and traders. They love to trade with them. And their ships quickly bring provisions and are famous for their sailors. This clan can be called born Viking due to its naval raids.

Clan bonuses.

  • Colonization, a choice of two resources.

Unlike most other clans, you can colonize the territory for “Gold” and for “Food”. Two resources makes the clan more flexible when opening new territories and accelerates the development of the clan.

  • Additional intelligence.

From the “Harbor” you can explore new territories that are off the coast. Due to this, it becomes possible to quickly discover the main bases of enemy clans.

For other clans, reconnaissance can be carried out on land, using only a scout. But to open territories controlled by enemy clans, the rear scouts must first be improved.

  • Additional income of “Gold”.

Merchants and Mariners earn 10% more Gold.

Bonuses “Glory”.

  • Beginners.

To open you need 200 points of “Glory”. Gives + 3 “Peasant”, increases population by 3 units and increases “Happiness” by 1 unit. And it improves the “Trade Ways”, it becomes more profitable to trade with native lands.

  • Mercenaries.

In the “Harbor” you can hire “Mercenaries”, which can be sent to enemy territory for attack. “Mercenaries” can only be sent to territories located by the sea, that is, coastal areas.

Improves the “Harbor” on one free workplace. In total, 4 “Mariners” can work in the “Harbor”, but for this it will be necessary to make the usual improvement of this building.

Clan Relic.

The clan relic is called Naglfar. The relic can be forged in the Forge, and after construction allows you to hire the mighty warriors of the Sons of the Mood. In total, 2 warriors of the “Moody Son” can be hiked in one go.

Recovery time is 6 minutes, which is significantly short for such an advantage. And this suggests that in such a short period of time you can make frequent and crushing raids.

Raids can be made only on coastal territories. But given that all the main bases of the “Town Hall” are located off the coast, enemy clans can do good damage.

It is more effective to use it if there are several territories and you can choose which territory has fewer enemy fighters and the Voivode.

One “Moody Son” has 100 health and 13 defense, while doing 15 damage. They are very persistent warriors and even two pieces show good resistance.

In addition, they have a passive skill, “Strike,” which attacks across the area and hits nearby enemy fighters.

Clan Traditions.

  • “Negotiations”.

Increases the income of Gold by 2 units and Prestige by 20%. Having pumped in the beginning, you can concentrate on the main resource “Food”. 2 units of “Gold” is enough to contain a good number of buildings on the territory.

  • “Outlandish products.”

Gives good bonuses to Happiness. For each built “Harbor” you can get + 1 unit to “Happiness”. And if the Harbor building is improved, then Happiness is increased by 2 units.

  • “Intelligence service”.

After the study, “Scouts” quickly open a new territory by + 100% and stop consuming “Food”. In addition, they are immune to wounds when opening a new territory.

In terms of “Food” the bonus is not very significant, given that they usually hire no more than 2 “Scouts” at a time. Since building a second building is pointless for them.

  • The Wanderers.

When researching, a bonus to “Happiness” appears, the more areas are open, the greater is the “Happiness” indicator.

  • “Improvement of equipment.”

After research gives a bonus to fighters. Adds + 1% to attack power for each Sailor and Merchant. You can maximize this bonus up to 15%.

Reduces weapon upgrade costs by 50%.

About the features of the “Raven Clan”.

The main clan advantage is the maritime direction. In the “Harbor” there can be 4 “Seafarers”, which give good indicators of the production of “Gold” and “Advent”.

The built “Harbor” can open up new territories, which are located off the coast. For 10 units of “Gold”. Which greatly simplifies and accelerates the discovery of new territories, in addition, the enemy “Town Halls” are located off the coast.

After the improved “Glory” there is an opportunity to hire “Mercenaries” and send them to coastal enemy territories.

Unfortunately, mercenaries cannot be controlled. And one “Harbor” can send one campaign only to one coastal enemy territory. If you build several “Harbors”, then of all available to send mercenaries in one territory will not work. And this is even good, since there is a certain balance.

Only 4 “Mercenaries” are sent from one “Harbor” and their cost is 200 units of “Gold”. Sent Mercenaries are not very effective if only one party is attacking. But with the construction of several “Harbors”, efficiency increases if they are sent in turn or to different territories in a short period of time.

But for frequent attacks, you need several Harbors and good reserves of Gold. And if you set up the production of “Gold” at the proper level, you can enjoy all the delights of this clan. And without much difficulty, as only mercenaries open additional strategies for the game.

But if there are few coastal territories, the “Raven Clan” does not get a big advantage. Since it will be possible to build not enough “Harbors”. And the enemy clan will be easier to defend their territory.

The clan relic also allows you to hire an army, but much more powerful than the “Mercenaries” and can take the brunt of it and restrain the enemy hero and his army for longer.

Conclusion on the “Raven Clan”:

“Raven Clan” is a Vikings with a focus on naval raids. There is practically no shortage of gold. And “Sages” can not be hired at all, all of their work, and even better, can be done by “Mariners.”

As stated above, the “Raven Clan” can raid and these advantages must be used and actively used. And do not forget about the standard army and the “Governor”. The raids well distract enemy fighters, due to this it is possible to carry out attacks from land freely and without major interference.

You can defeat another enemy clan only through attacks from the sea. With the help of the “Sons of Moody” and “Mercenaries.” But for this you need several coastal territories on which you can build a “Harbor”, 3-4 such territories are quite enough.

Frequent raids wear out the enemy clan, interfering with standard production, but for this you need to try to direct raids further from the enemy “Defense Towers”. And when the population in the enemy’s territory becomes smaller, you need to concentrate on one territory and send raids from different “Havens” only to it.

Regular hired attacks require a lot of Gold. The production of which is not very difficult to establish and keep it at the level of + 40-50 units. It is possible to build 2 “Markets” and 2 “Trading posts”, plus 3-4 “Harbors” for 4 “Mariners”. Having built so many buildings, the deficit of “Gold” should not arise.

The game process itself is noticeably different from other clans. On the one hand, there are good priorities in intelligence, which speeds up the detection of enemy clans. And on the other hand, good combat performance in supporting mercenary fighters, while the ground forces also have attack priorities.

One of the big problems is the “Kraken Clan”, it is also focused on maritime advantage, but has no sea lanes. They have the ability to sink sea ships. And they can also create raids on coastal territories, but in smaller quantities.

And even one sunken ship with 4 “Sailors” can significantly complicate the game. If the extraction of “Gold” is imprisoned on the “Mariners”. And without a marine advantage, the Raven Clan is more like the Sheep Clan, only worse in terms of resource production.