Northgard Dragon Clan (Needhegg) Review and Game Guide

At Northgard, the Dragon Clan people value ancient traditions and beliefs. They worship the gods, who then bring tribute in the form of souls. And to achieve the best indicators they use the sacrifices of their population, which gives additional bonuses. Their god sometimes asks for rituals from them and if the people of the “Dragon Clan” refuse, he receives fines in the form of bad “Happiness.”

“Dragon Clan” has its bonuses:

  • Civilians have the ability to move around neutral territory.

To expand the territory at the expense of “Slaves” and “Poselyan”, it is better to build a “healer’s hut” as soon as possible. But you can not do this because the “Slaves” after the battle with the “Wolf” can be sent to the “Altar”. Then the bonus scale will increase. And “Poselyan”, if possible, is best preserved with full health.

  • The population does not receive a fine for production and “Happiness” if they are injured.
  • At the start of the game, the “Sacrificial Bonfire” has already been built, where rituals are held and a sacrifice takes place.

  • A unique view of the Draconid warrior and the unique Draconid Altar military structure are available.

According to their characteristics, the “Draconids” are somewhat reminiscent of some clan “Governor”. They have a safety margin of 75 health units and 6 defense units. But they stand out well with attack power, which is 13 units.

It turns out that they are somewhere in between the “Voivode” and the usual “Warriors” because of the protection indicator of 6 units. But in terms of attack rates, they can even surpass other clan governors, if properly pumped.

  • At the beginning of the game there are 2 “Slaves”. Buying Slaves is available at Dakkar Marina.

The main functions of this type of population is to maintain “Happiness” in the clan. That is, their participation in the rituals of sacrifice.

Penalties of the “Dragon Clan”:

  • There is no way to hire long-range warriors, Ax Throwers.

Bonuses of the “Glory” of the “Dragon Clan”:

  • Workers involuntarily. (you need 200 points of “Glory”).

After reaching a certain number of “Glory” points, the clan gets 5 “Slaves” and the energy scale and bonuses on it increase.

  • Enduring envy. (you need to score 500 points of “Glory”).

“Dragon Clan” receives bonuses to combat fighters. Increases attack power by + 10% if rivals from another enemy clan are ahead in terms of Victory conditions. Victory conditions may include Trade, Tradition, or Glory.

“Relic” of the “Dragon Clan”:

It’s called the Skull of Hrungnir, which must be explored in the Forge. And after construction, it allows you to hire powerful Jotuna-Draugra warriors.

Summons one great fighter for 12 minutes. Moreover, the number of calls is not limited. In our case, it turned out to recruit a small army of 3 fighters “Jotuna – Draugra”.

Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish their slow movement, but for the retention and protection of one territory it’s the most. And for an attack, the speed indicator is not very noticeable, most importantly they can hold the blow and respond powerfully.

The safety margin of “Jotuna – Draugra” is 100 health and 14 defense. Attack power is 16 units. Making them powerful and formidable combat allies of the Dragon Clan.

Clan Traditions:

  • Hard work.

After exploring this improvement, it becomes possible to attach Slaves to the production buildings. But there will be no big priority in production, they give only 1-3 units from one working “Slave”. But nevertheless, it allows at least something to occupy them before the sacrifice and a little increase in productivity.

  • Dragon Rabies.

Fighters receive a bonus to increase attack power by + 100%. But only if he fights alone and there are no other allied fighters nearby. If there are only 2 soldiers in the squad, then they must be sent to enemy territory in turn and returned back to replenish health.

Very good improvement, which allows you to increase the territory of not a large number of fighters. And their recovery is noticeably simplified, while one “Healer’s Cabin” will completely cope with this.

  • Blood, sweat and tears.

There is an opportunity to add 2 more Slaves to the manufacturing building.

Despite the fact that in manufacturing buildings they do not bring a large increase, this improvement can be investigated. But in the event that there are enough Slaves, which is unlikely. So they go mainly and are needed for the sacrifice. That is, their main function is to maintain “Happiness” among the population.

  • Captivity.

After upgrading, clan fighters can capture neutral clans. You can take the “Dark Alpha”, “Yotunov” captive, and captured will be considered as slaves. For “Dark Alpha” you can get 3 “Slaves”, and for “Jotun” 5 “Slaves”. The chance in the process of captivity increases if the “Voivode” is nearby.

  • Slave trade.

The cost of buying “Slaves” in the “Harbor” is reduced by 50%.

The hero of the “Dragon Clan”.

The hero of this clan is the Voivode, who has 75 health and 10 defense. And the attack is 15 units, but this is without improvement.

Among the other clan governors, there are no big differences, except for clan improvements.

Features of the “Dragon Clan”.

  • Movement of the population in neutral territory.

Among other clans, the “Dragon Clan” is the only one who has the ability to move ordinary people across neutral territory. This feature allows you to slightly change the initial process of clan development. For example, you do not need to build a military building to hire a fighter. And immediately build “Dakkarov Marina”, while increasing the growth of “Gold” and “Giving”.

  • A new type of population, with two types of “Slaves” and “Villagers”.

“Slaves” can be sent to work in industrial buildings. Thanks to this, the Dragon Clan can have the largest number of workers in a production building. But there will be no big priority from “Slaves”, they give + 1 unit. In total, you can add up to 3 “Slaves” to the production building.

  • Good military fighters.

Draconids, when upgraded, are able to give a good ax to the enemy alone. But there may be problems with the enemy Voivode.

Conclusion on the “Dragon Clan”:

Among other clans, it is distinguished by its gloom and intensity of the game. The whole process during the development is aimed at the game in the management of ordinary residents “Slaves”, which must be sent to the “Altar” at the time. And if you miss the right time and forget about the indicators of “Energy” for a while, then the “Happiness” of the population falls and its growth stops.

In addition to “Energy” you can still hire an army. More precisely, in order to hire a fighter you need 2 types of resource, this is “Energy” and “Gold”. And if there is no “Energy”, then it will not work to hire a fighter.

At the beginning of the game, 2 “Slaves” are immediately given, thanks to which you can open one territory guarded by one “Wolf”. And then send the wounded “Slave” to the “Altar”. The attack of the “Slaves” is not big, but they are able to cope with one “Wolf”.

The main and very important resources in the Dragon Clan are Gold and Food. You will have to buy Slaves for Gold to support Happiness and receive additional Bonuses. And “Food” is needed to support the life of the population and the development of new territories.

There are no large production priorities in the clan, almost everything is standard, with the exception of the new type of working population of the Slaves. But to buy them you need gold and the more you buy the more they cost more. A sufficient number of “Slaves” is not always obtained, and their number is limited by limits.

For normal development, it is necessary to establish production of Gold well. And for this you need to build at least 2 “Markets” and 2 “Tents”. If one exit to the sea with one “Dakkarov Marina”. Well, if there are more exits to the sea, then the additional “Dakkarov Marina” will definitely not be superfluous.

When liberating new territories, the Dragon Clan has no big problems. But with the colonization after the opening of several territories, not great difficulties begin. Since you need more production of “Food”. And “Slaves”, if they are not busy with anything, also consume this “Food”, and their work is not very noticeable.

Tips for the initial development of the “Dragon Clan”:

With initial development, you must try to discover fertile land first. And to establish the production of “Food”, after the construction of “Dakkarov Marina”. And the first few territories can be cleaned and colonized by civilians. And a little later to build the “Dragon Altar.”

After several buildings producing “Food” and “Forest” you need to look for the territory for the production of “Gold”. Buildings “Market” and “Tent” need to be built on the same territory, because after improvement they begin to produce + 20% more “Gold”.

Somewhere already in this period, you can build a “Forge”, but it is possible earlier. First of all, in the Forge, you need to explore the clan Relic. Which in the future can produce a unique and powerful army, which does not occupy a place in the army. But it is not clear whether it consumes the resources of Food or not.

“Defense towers” must be built strictly for their intended purpose, since it makes sense to save precious “Gold”. And it’s better to place it near the borders with neutral or enemy territories.

Closer to the middle of the game, “Slaves” will cost decent money, since the rise in price for one purchase is about 40 units of “Gold”. But cheaper by only 2 units of “Gold” per month. So, that it is better to spend them in turn and as needed.

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