Panzer Corps 2 review and game tips for future generals

Panzer Corps 2 is a global strategy on a global map. With the ability to control a large set of different military equipment and soldiers. Each type of combat unit can be pumped and improved. At the same time, there are several points that need to be considered when improving the detachment. And in order to confidently win on the battlefields and be a good general, you need to know a few very important points.

Enemy fighters are good at tactical thinking. Almost always, they cause damage primarily to weak combat units and poorly covered allied units. Therefore, you do not need to stretch time for a long thought, decide and attack. Leading the army is not a great distance from each other. The faster the movement to a specified point, the better.

About the formation of a platoon.

The combat arsenal in the game is impressive and we can say that absolutely the entire collection of military equipment that participated in the Second World War was collected. Choose military equipment should be more thoroughly based on the type of terrain. And to form platoons so that there would be support combat units. It’s best not to take all units of the same type. Need variety.

Even if you ended up in a mission where a similar card was already present and you won successfully. In a new mission on the same map, everything can be different. Since the enemy technique can be of different and other types.

As you progress through all the military equipment undergoes improvement. So you need to improve carefully. Let’s say such moments can happen when you have pumped fighters. In this case, one may encounter the problem of a smaller number of combat platoons.

Well, not pumped combat units are also not an option, since enemy units can be stronger. Ideally, you need a kind of balance, and if there are several pumped combat units, then it makes sense to buy new ones and take them into battle.

Well, one of the most unpleasant moments when all pumped up combat formations entered the battle and were defeated due to the lack of another type of military equipment. To restore such a defeat will be difficult, since by this time the enemy fighters are better than allied newcomers.

About reinforcement.

The game has reinforcements. It is formed from the same units bought that are on the battlefield. They are just waiting in the wings when the general decides and replaces the damaged equipment. It is only necessary to make a replacement in extreme cases and when they are sure of the need. To replace damaged equipment you need to spend precious resources.

In stock, it is better to keep equipment of a different type and level. So you can stabilize the situation on the battlefield. For example, the Panzer 38A fights well on the battlefield in battle, but its strength points are not enough to continue the battle. In this case, it makes sense to replace the damaged Panzer 38A with exactly the same with full strength points.

About offensive actions.

Before starting a battle, carefully read the bonuses that units have. Different units give different bonuses. One of the important bonuses is additional attack indicators. They become active when there is an allied fighter nearby, for example, infantry with a tank. In this case, the allied fighters can cause additional damage to the enemy fighter.

It makes sense to think about the cover of artillery pieces. In this case, while the first flank holds back the enemy fighters, artillery can do more damage. Is it not left without cover. Since enemy fighters are likely to take the target precisely at it, since it is with weak armor and there is no way to attack air targets.

Air defense should not be kept far from other allied equipment. At a short distance, that would be the opportunity to produce retaliatory attacks. And do not forget about intelligence. You can send special units and planes to reconnaissance.

The reconnaissance type technique differs from the usual one in that they are not ambushed when they perform reconnaissance actions. They can approach the fog of war one cell, spot the enemy and leave without entering into battle.

The game has special combat units, these are commanders. They can be obtained by completing tasks and missions that give additional bonuses. If you attach them to existing units. After that, this unit improves its characteristics and shows good results in battle.

Adhering to the tips described above can speed up the game. And the game process itself can be very interesting. The less losses you manage to incur in the current or previous mission, the more and better the composition of the fighters can be chosen in the next company. Good luck on the battlefield.

Minimum parameters for PC:

Operating System: Windows 8 64 bits / Windows 10 64 bits
Processor: two core Intel or AMD
Video Card: 2 GB
DirectX (R): 11
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Hard Drive: 9 GB

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