Selection of fights Heroes & Generals from 04/17/19

On the Deggendorf map, despite the fact that the American forces in this area were superior to the forces of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union nevertheless fought fierce battles for control points and used armored vehicles competently and carefully. For example, to capture point “C”, almost all armored vehicles were scattered around the mountains, which significantly complicated the defense of the object and the destruction of this technology. With the rapid attack, the Soviet troops, paired with T-34 armored vehicles, almost immediately fought off the defensive position and the Americans again had to push through the defenses and try not to give a key object. Nevertheless, the Americans managed to keep a key object under their command and defeat the Soviet Union.

On the map of Aalst, the forces of the American and German forces clashed in battle. The task of the Americans was to hold key objects and defend key objects. During the battles, the German army successfully used aircraft at the controls of which experienced pilots sat. The Americans not only managed to keep key objects, but to capture all possible control points from the enemy army. The result is a victory for the American Army.

From the very beginning, on the Saint-Ouen map, the American forces surpassed the German army and very quickly managed to capture all the control points of the enemy German army.