The Sea of Thieves guide tall tales new story about the Wild Rose

In a new story, we learn how two pirates of opposite sexes fell in love with each other. But, the main task continues to be the search for the path to the Golden Shores. In previous stories, we were told to look for former acquaintances of the Briggsi pirate, as they might know some information about the adventures of Briggsi.

This time we have to complete the mission “Madame Olivia”, while it is not necessary to go to her. It is enough to go to any merchant from the “Order of Souls”. Having entered into a dialogue with the merchant, the dialogue will show that they were waiting for your return.

Luckily, one of the merchants knew about a man who had previously talked and was familiar with the Briggsi pirate. This is her friend “Rose”, who during her life passed on her diary. In which she talked about great love with “George.” And never saw each other again.

The first part of the journey “Search for important things.”

A merchant working for Madame Olivia asks for help finding Roses. Since he knows that the previously created compass Madame Olivia was able to find the Briggs pirate.

The first diary entries.

From the diary entries you can see the skeleton and the place where they killed him. It can be located on the island “Lonely Bay.” The diary also indicates the place where “Rose” and “Georg” kissed when they replenished supplies for the ship in the “Whisper Lagoon”. And the fact that “Madame Olivia” should marry them.

A hint is indicated on one of the pages of the diary, where a chest with valuable items “Rose” and “Georg” was hidden. The hidden chest should be on the piercing shallow island.

When the chest is found, new entries with tips will appear in the diary. Namely, the island, which is located in the north, from the place where they found the first prey. To find out its location, you need to scroll back through the diary. And their first production was on the island “Lonely Bay”.

The second entry in the diary.

In the future, you need to take a landmark from the island “Lonely Bay” to the north. And somewhere in the north there should be that same island. The nearest island that falls under this description is called “Pebble Sandbank”.

Sailing to this island you need to wave a little shovel on the ground. Since there is no exact place. We can only roughly say that this treasure is located in the center of the island by a tree. After finding the treasure, the diary entry is updated.

The third entry in the diary.

In the new record, we find out that “Rose” and “Georg” quarreled for the first time. Due to the fact that they were stubborn to each other and did not want to support each other, in terms of the place of the treasure. Each of them offered their options for good places on the islands.

Rosa proposed the two islands, Curving Hollow or Piercing Sandbank. And “Georg” insisted on the islands “Lair of the Scoundrels” or “Ridge of Discoveries”. After some time, they became friends and chose a suitable place for the treasure. This place is located in the center between these islands.

To find this island, you need to mark these islands on a global map and visually draw a straight line. That is, two islands from Rosa and two islands from Georg, and you need to find the fifth island. And the nearest island, which is located in the center is “Gemini Groves”.

On this island you need to look for a place painted in a diary. And then it will be possible to dig out the music box “Roses”. This box should be assigned to the fort post to “Madame Olivia.” After which she will begin to do a ritual to create a special compass.

The second part of the journey “In search of lovers.”

Having received a special compass, you just need to follow its directions and it will lead to the right place.

The “Rose” can be found on the island “Wanderers’ Crest”. She has an amulet and a note in her hand for Georg. In which it is written that someone was chasing and chasing the “Rose”. And her amulet glowed, felt danger. She could not finish the note, but she managed to say goodbye.

After finding the amulet from the “Rose”, you need to continue on towards George. The path of “George” will indicate the compass. But, the compass will not lead to “George” himself, but to his amulet. Which will guard the skeleton named “Hands” who killed “Rose”.

Fighting with the skeletons and their main named “Hands”, you can get another amulet. Which once belonged to George. And after that you can safely go to “Madame Olivia.”

At “Madame Olivia.”

Having given both amulets to Madame Olivia, she finds out some details and is upset about what happened to these people. After a while, she performs another ritual to free their souls.

After the ritual, the souls of Rosa and Georg find each other and you can see from them how happy they are. Take root to each other, hug and disappear.

This is where our adventure ends and “Madame Olivia” promises to tell the whole order that you helped to find each other’s lost souls.