Total War WARHAMMER II – The Warden & The Paunch is an expansion with two warring lords

The game Total War WARHAMMER II – The Warden & The Paunch includes the new lords of Eltharion Grim Face and Thunder Puzan, with their unique abilities and squads. Which can enter into a historical battle and prove their superiority. The add-on will be available in May 2020.

About the plot and background.

After many years of teaching and cultivation, Eltarion became the guardian of Tor Ivresse, leading the High Elf warriors. Once he had to leave the land to battle with the people of Naggarond, and at that time a horde of Orcs entered the lands of Ulthuanu.

Despite the fact that they were preparing for the invasion of the Orcs on the lands of Tor Ivrasse, they failed to fully prepare. As a result of that battle, the elves lost a large number of fighters and barely managed to repel the attack. Upon his return, Eltharion made promises that he would protect his lands and not let the orcs into the lands of Tor Ivrasse.

The orcs who have been defeated are led by Thunder Puzan, who is preparing a new invasion. But this time he wants to unite different clans of orcs and repeat the invasion. Since the orcs need new land for food and food. Once the lands inhabited by the orcs are exhausted and the leaders will have to reunite and declare Vaaagh, then Puzan plans to deliver a crushing blow to the lands of Tor Ivrasse.

Features of the Elf race in the new addition.

The headquarters of the elves is located on the border of Ivrasse, on the side of a mountain in the fortress of Atel Tamara. After the first offensive of the orcs, led by Thunder Puzan, the fortress was partially destroyed. Nevertheless, the elves, led by Eltharion, were able to rebuild and strengthen for defense.

At the beginning of the game, the fortress was half destroyed and Eltharion will have to restore it and strengthen it. And with each new improvement of the fortress, the strength of the army and Eltharion also increases. Thus, the fortress has the main points in the victory over the enemy army.

During the game, the fortress can be improved and restored buildings. This opens up new unique abilities and advantages. One of them is the “Guardian Cell” ability, which is used for enemy heroes and leaders.

The restored buildings strengthen the fortress and give new opportunities:

  • “Silent Guardians.” They can strengthen the defense thanks to the ability to recruit good detachments of the “Mkhlohodtsev” and to recruit more elite troops.
  • “Observers of Ivresse.” After improvement, it allows interrogations of captured heroes and lords. And the fog of Ivresse also intensifies and Eltarion becomes stronger. After interrogations, Eltharion and his army receive valuable information.

On the territory of Ivresse there is a fog that enhances the abilities of the elves, and enemy troops receive fines. The Allied Army gains the Enveloping Mist ability, additional improvements have additional effects.

Elf race in the new expansion of The Warden & The Paunch receives new troops and fighters. From ordinary and simple to elite and unique. Each type of army has its own characteristics and its own tactics of warfare.

Features of the Orc race.

The leader of the Orc tribe is Thunder Puzan. Who has at his disposal a huge Thunder cauldron capable of feeding a large army and himself. In the process, the company will need to collect different types of food and cook them in a boiler, and cooked food gives them special advantages and bonuses.

To discover new food dishes, you need to explore the world and conduct dialogues with a witch who sells valuable ingredients for cooking. Moreover, to achieve a greater result, you need to combine and combine different dishes. In some cases, after preparing a special dish, special types of units may join the leader. And the food eaten gives indefinite gain to Thunder Puzan.

The main deity and mentor at Thunder Puzan is the shaman Shtarik Chernozhub, who was defeated by the Eltarions in a previous attack on the fortress. The shaman himself was killed, and his head was cut off. Nevertheless, he managed to maintain his energy, which he received from the stones of the elves. And from time to time he visits Thunder Puzan and gives him valuable tasks.

Thunder Puzan can summon the “Wandering Idol” on the battlefield if he uses the head of the Blackshub Shaman.

Orc troops will also receive new units and troops from ordinary to elite and special. Each type of army has its own tactics and manner of battle. Which you need to consider in order to increase the chances of winning.