Valorant Character Reviews & Ability Tips

Not so long ago, the company Riot Games introduced the players their creation in the style of Counter Strike. And I accepted applications for the general test of the game. New characters with their unique abilities are gradually introduced into the game. And in this article we will provide you with a small overview of some of the characters in the game.

In this review, we introduce you to several characters:

  • Character Sage”.

In her style of play, she is a Guardian Agent. Almost all of his abilities are focused on supporting the team, thanks to which they can recover and resurrect. Several other abilities are focused on blocking enemy actions.

The ability to “Barrier ball.”

When used, builds a large and durable wall. The wall can be installed according to the scheme that the player himself wants.

The wall itself has several features, one feature is its strength. If the enemy fighter blocked behind the wall, then he can go out simply by destroying it with shots. When installing the wall, you need to make sure there is a passage in the other direction.

When creating a wall, Sage and another allied character can stand on a portion of the wall when creating it. Subsequently, it can gain access to higher sections of the location and expand the overview.

The second ability is “Slow Ball”.

“Slow ball” can be thrown towards the enemy, with detonation, the ball is activated in the field. And all those inside it slow down and the movement creates the noise of their steps.

The slowing field can act both on its own and on enemy characters. And the field itself may not be very effective. If the players know that the floor can be quickly completed by jumping.

So, if you find yourself in such a field, you need to immediately jump and go to a safer place.

The third ability is “The healing ball.”

It makes it possible to treat allied characters and oneself.

After use, the wounded character begins to gradually restore its health. If the character is injured, you must immediately apply this ability, since the recovery is gradual. And it is better for the wounded not to rush into battle until the health points come back to normal.

The more often this ability is used in the right direction, the better. But the battles in the game are quick, and the characters are not very tenacious. If someone can be cured, it’s very good and wonderful.

the fourth ability is “Resurrection.”

To use it, you need to go to the allied character, who was killed and activate the ability. After a while, he will come to life with full health points.

Resurrection takes place with animation at some time. And you need to make sure which side shot the ally. And if possible, build a wall as a temporary shelter for safe resurrection.

  • Character Brimstone.

This is a controller class character. Basic abilities well control and block the location. Can use smoke grenades complicating the review of enemy fighters.

The first ability is “Necessary.”

May use incendiary grenade launcher. After use, shoots a grenade that sets fire to the area.

The fired grenade can ricochet and not many get to the wrong place. Or just where the experienced player wants to go. For example, around the corner of a wall or shelter, where enemies can be.

In the event of a retreat, you can set fire to the passage section and continue driving.

The second ability is “STIM BEACON”.

This ability is for allies in a team, which increases the rate of fire of weapons.

Third ability is “Smoke Sky”.

creates a smoke screen from an orbital source. enemies caught in smoke lose their orientation and visibility.

Free of charge is given to use this ability only once. The other two times you need to buy extra.

To use this ability you need to get to the place where you plan to install this smoke screen. It is better to use for its intended purpose, when there is an urgent need. For example, when defusing a bomb or closing the passage for safe operations.

Improved Punch ability.

Allows the character to activate orbital attacks. Which strikes the area. To use it, you need to aim the sight on the map.

An attack can deal damage even through cover. Good ability for an already installed bomb, after which after a while you can launch an orbital attack in this area. Which will last about eight seconds.

  • Character Sova”.

It is considered a Russian agent. By class, is the initiator and scout. Since his abilities are focused on attack and defense.

The first ability is “SHOCK BOLT”.

Able to use the “Electric Bow” weapon on the battlefield. After a shot at the enemy, he receives a blow from the arrow and electric energy.

This ability cannot completely eliminate an enemy soldier. And using it as a primary skill is not recommended. It is better to use a shot far from your meta position in the direction you are heading. The enemy will only understand that there is someone in front, and he himself can be slightly injured.

The second ability is “Drone”.

The ability allows you to use the “drone”. Which flies over short distances and can hit enemies with darts.

The drone itself is controlled by a character. But for this you need to be sure that the character himself is in a safe place and his allies are covering him.

Third ability is “RECON BOLT”.

The Owl character takes out his bow and shoots with a special reconnaissance arrow. After the shot, all nearby enemy units are detected. An enemy can destroy an arrow with a sensor.

The ability does not allow you to see through the walls, but only opens a review in open space. A fired arrow can bounce off an obstacle about 2 times, which will launch it in the right place. It is recharged quickly and can be used several times in one battle.

Improved HUNTER’S FURY ability.

The character activates his Bow with an arrow, which can fly through walls and hit enemies. The enemy in which the arrow hit is marked and can be seen on the map.

This ability is good at eliminating characters who are trying to turn on the bomb. At the same time, it allows you to be at a safe distance.

  • Character Jett”.

The Jett character is considered a duelist in the game and one of the difficult ones in the game. many abilities allow her to be more mobile than other characters.

The first ability is “CLOUDBURST”.

When used, creates a cloud of fog, which makes it difficult for enemy agents to see.

Creates very small smoke clouds, but which can be customized.

The second ability is UPDATE.

Allows the character to move through the air.

With this ability, you can climb to the highest places on the map and hold positions.

You can also fire while moving through the air, but the accuracy of the shooting drops. If you press the jump button in the air, the character will begin a slow descent down. And in this case, shooting is also possible, but again, accurate hits will not have to wait.

So this ability is best used only for occupying key positions on the map. Well, if you decide to shoot in the air, then we note that the enemy will shoot at you more precisely and on the ground he will have somewhere to hide.

The third ability is “TAIL”.

Instantly breaks into a distance in the forward direction and any other direction.

Excellent ability to exit critical situations. You can quickly see the enemies in front and go back.

After using this ability and complete the full course of action. The character will need time in order to get weapons and become combat ready. And before that, he is almost helpless and is an easy target.

Improved ability “BLADE STORM”.

The character gets the opportunity to arm himself with flying daggers. There are 5 of them.

After using one shot on the left mouse button, the dagger released and hit the enemy can recover. If you want to release all 5 daggers at the same time, you need to press the right mouse button. By killing an enemy agent, all issued daggers are restored.

Dagger shooting is accurate and fast, while its accuracy does not drop if the character attacks while in the air. But if the killings did not happen, then the daggers are lost.

  • Character CYPHER”.

This is an agent from the Moroccan Republic. You can consider it a class of support and protection. But the battlefield uses traps.

The first ability is “Trapwire”.

Places a small object on the wall on two walls that are next to each other. After installation, it can light up an enemy agent that passes near them.

Very good ambush ability. By installing and hiding behind cover, you can get accurate information about the movement of the enemy. And in the future, with minimal losses, eliminate the light.

The second ability is “Cyber ​​Cage”.

If you use this ability on the enemy, he will noticeably slow down.

It can be used in tandem with the first ability and then the enemy agent will be less likely to survive or give you decent resistance.

Third ability is “Signature”.

Can place a camera that he controls himself. An installed camera can fire at enemy agents and reveal their location.

Improved ability “Neural Theft”.

When in contact with a killed enemy agent, you can find his allies on the map.

good ability, but when using it, you need to make sure that there are no other enemies next to the losing enemy agent. Since the defeated may turn out to be a bait for you. And you approaching him, you can get into the field of view of the enemy agent.