Wasteland 3 armored car will be able to shoot goats

In the near future, developers from the studio inXile Enterainment shared new details on the game Wasteland 3. Where they talked about new moments in the game. According to the developers, the game is presented in the post-apocalyptic period. And to add more realism, the characters will have fines.

About creating a character.

When creating a character, you will need to choose a direction for him and assign a bonus, and in the place with him a penalty. Anyone with a bonus will go with fines, so according to the developers, the characters will be normal. Which in turn adds some zest.

The character creation editor itself and the choice of characteristics reminded him of something Fallout. The fact that animations with positive and negative moments are also displayed. In Fallout, of course, the slice animations showed what the selected option means.

For example, if a character is pumped, which is designed for dexterity, he will be able to throw grenades far. But will not be able to carry heavy weapons and heavy armor.

And for people who do not really like to tweak the subtleties of the characteristics and spend about 30 minutes. In order to decide which item they may need more. Introduced templates with ready-made characters in the form of duets, two main characters each.

About an armored car.

They talked about the combat vehicle, which can be improved and pumped. After the battle, you can drop into the garage. And for example, add a few armor plates, put a new cabin, install weapons. A car is like a tank and a motor home. Which can also take part in battles.

An interesting and surprising moment will be the installation of goats on a combat vehicle. In the presence of energy and artillery weapons in the game. They could not even imagine that it would be possible to shoot these same “Goats”. They play the role of special weapons, and fall on the heads of the enemy like aerial bombs.

About tips from developers.

According to the advice of developers, you need to take on a team of different characters with different abilities. And continue their development from the areas in which they specialize. So the characters can be more effective and useful.

And characters who develop in different directions, one day will not bring benefits. Since points will not allow you to get the best ability in the development tree.

Do not forget about melee weapons. So this type of weapon does not need to be recharged. And the character needs to be pumped accordingly.