Action 2 en

Action (action in translation from English. – “Action”) – a genre of computer games, which focuses on the exploitation of the physical capabilities of the player. Including eye-hand coordination and reaction rate.

In action games, the player usually controls the character. This character must find a way out of the level, collect objects, avoid obstacles. And fight enemies in many ways. The action of such games is developing very dynamically and requires a high concentration of attention and a quick reaction to events in the game. At the end of a level or series of levels, the player usually fights the boss. The battle with which is much more demanding on the player, and the boss himself is often larger than ordinary enemies. Obstacles and enemy attacks drain the health and life pool of an avatar. In the absence of his lives, the player receives the message “Game over”.

In another case, when a series of levels is successfully completed, the player wins. However, in a number of games, especially in arcades, the number of levels can be infinite, and it is impossible to win in such games. In this case, the player’s goal is to get as many points as possible, collecting items and destroying enemies.
As a result, the game requires dynamic action from the player, the most intense attention, on the other – instant reaction, the ability to quickly make decisions and act. After all, the only way to succeed in such entertainment.

The platform for creating such a game can be absolutely any. A player in action games requires a greater concentration of attention in order to keep up with the often changing plot and situation, to have a quick reaction and the ability to respond with lightning speed to an emerging threat. In a word, it won’t be boring with such a game, but you won’t be able to relax.