German tanks in world of tanks

The beginning of German tank building

The history of German tank building began around October 1916. When the German Ministry of War began to cooperate with the Bremervagen company and made the first order to create a tank.

And even earlier, in 1915, engineer Gebel presented a model of the product, which supposedly could be a tank, but moved on rotating spheres. But the product was not made by engineer Gebel.

The most interesting thing is that the German generals were in no hurry to create new weapons. Even though other armies had conflicts with them, tanks were already being developed at full speed. One of the generals believed that the soldiers have a fighting spirit that will not fall in a panic and will be able to defeat a clumsy car.

Already in the summer of 1917, the Bremervagen company produced and delivered the first tanks, in the amount of 20 units. The developed tanks received the code name A7V, the tank received this name in honor of the traffic service department.

Having received new weapons, the army created an assault battalion. And on March 21, 1918, the battalion equipped with new A7V tanks, in the amount of 10 units, conducted successful military operations near Saint-Quentin.

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