Strategy Games

At the moment, there are games with mixed genres. Game developers are trying to surprise their fans and fans of video games. And there are several types of games in the strategy genre.
In our section you can find games in the genre:

  • RTS strategy.

In this genre, the player can build buildings and manage the army, but there are strategies where you do not need to control the army and fight. Such strategies have elements of economics and thought-out tactics in real time. In some strategies of this genre, game developers have included the function of stopping, slowing down, or accelerating time. And players are given the opportunity to calmly plan their tactics and actions.

  • Step-by-step strategy.

In the genre of turn-based strategy, the player is given the opportunity to manage squads, heroes, characters within certain action points. That is, after the player made a move with his character, then the computer characters or another player continues to make the move, and then the move returns to the player. Such actions can only occur when hostilities begin, and then move freely. There may be games where you can build bases and equip your characters.

  • Real-time tactics.

In this genre, players think through and perform actions simultaneously and in real time. The Pause button is available to help players, but this feature is not found in all games. In games, one has to take into account shelters, characteristics of fighters, terrain, terrain, weapons, and so on.