American tanks in world of tanks

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The history of the beginning of American tank building

The history of the creation of the tank forces of the US Army dates back to the times of the First World War. On January 26, 1918, the formation of the American Tank Corps began, which consisted of two parts: the tank corps of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe and the so-called Tank Service National Army, which was soon renamed the corps.

Thus, in 1918, the United States had two tank corps – one deployed in France and the UK, the other in the United States.The French FT 17 light tanks and the heavy British Mk V were armed with them.

The combat debut took place on September 12, 1918 at Saint Michel, a place south of Verdun. 344 m and 345 m tank battalions were commanded in this battle by Lt. Col. J. Patton.

It is curious to note that at the cradle of the American tank forces there was another one who in the future became a famous military leader: Colonel D. Eisenhower led the Camp Colt Tank Training Center in Pennsylvania.

Until the end of World War I, the American army received 514 FT 17 and 47 MK V, which was a lot at that time. Against this background, their own plans for US tank production looked much more impressive.

It was planned to release, for example, a thousand heavy tanks Mk VIII, designed in England, and 4440 “6 ton French tanks FT 17). Real numbers looked more modest: 100 units of the first and 950 – of the second. It was these military vehicles that formed the basis of the tank fleet of the US Army and the Marine Corps in the 1920s.