Syberia The World Before Walkthrough open Junta’s chest in the attic

Hello, friends! In the last article, we told how the heroine Kate got to the camp in the mountains and learned detailed stories about Dana. They also helped Dana fix the stove and do the job as a waitress. In this part of the story, Dana finds her first prince, who then paints a picture of Dana with mountains in the background.

The task “Find Junta’s chest in the attic”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

After all the dialogues with Leni, Kate can inspect the terrace. There is a spyglass on the terrace, which Dana used in her time. It is important to take photos of all available places, as these photos will be needed later. This time you can use the spyglass for a fee. Fortunately, Kate has a wallet and a change, we lower the coin and open the possibility of viewing using the lever on the pipe. The photographs indicate the coordinates of places.

Having done all the work on the terrace, you can go into the house. There is a person sitting in the house with whom you can talk, and he will tell his story. But, at the moment, the dialogue with him is not very important for us, since the main task is Yunta’s chest. Therefore, we rise to the second floor, of course we examine all the available items.

Having risen to the second floor, you must immediately interact with the lever that lowers the stairs to the attic. You can explore the second floor or immediately go up to the attic. In the attic, we inspect all available things, a tape with records, records in a box

The task “Open Yunta’s chest”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

The chest is made quite uniquely, from all sides it resembles a landscape of mountains and has several keys. To make it easier to solve riddles and open locks, you need to remember the landscape from the telescope on the terrace.

  • Left side panel of the chest.

On this side, you need to choose the right images that match the reality of the existing mountain landscape. You can rotate the positions of the pictures using the wheels on the side on the right. On the top, you need to correctly position the picture. If everything is done correctly, then access to the combination lock will open on the upper part.

  • The right side of the chest.

On the right side of the chest, you need to set the positions of the pictures that match the picture. A device will extend from below, which must be rotated from the position in which it was. Rotate the disk with the pattern. In this case, another access to the combination lock will open on the top.

  • Find codes from the chest.

If at the beginning of the action, after the dialogue with Leni, you took all the photos from the landscape of the mountains, then there should be no problems. If not, then you need to go and take all the pictures of the mountain. Since the coordinates are displayed on the photos. And it is these numbers that will need to be entered on the code panel. On the left disk, enter the code: 072. On the right combination lock, you need to enter the code: 108. The chest is open.

The task “Search the chest”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

We read the entries on the back of the envelope, from the chest. Further actions take place by the heroine Dana. During this period, Dana can inspect the chest at the beginning of its assembly and see what is in a secret place. And an interesting point where Dana hid the key at that time. Junta indicates the place where you need to put and hide the key. The key will be hidden under the board in the field.

The next important point will be the transition to another room. It is important to pay attention to hanging photographs and remember their location. Since they will be the next key to opening the chest. Image from photos goat, flower, mountains, trees.

So, our heroine Kate, from the entry on the envelope, knows the code and where the key is hidden. You can go immediately to search for the key, it should be under the same board, under the box. At first glance, it seems that you need to pick up some object in order to tear off the board. In fact, you need to pull another board a little, and then try to open the right one again. It is important to pull the board until it opens.

We insert the key into the hole, turn it and access to another combination lock opens. On this combination lock, you need to enter images that matched the images on the bunch of photos. We introduce an image from photographs of a goat, a flower, mountains, trees.

Task “Use the projector”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

Opening a secret place near the chest, Kate takes out a projector, which she sets on the table. Big problems with the operation of the projector should not arise. Raise the projector cover with the screen, and then install the film reels. If at the beginning of the search of the attic you have already taken an empty reel, then it must be installed in the right side. The film with the material is in the chest. You need to watch both films, and then go to Grandma Leni on the terrace for a dialogue.

In a dialogue with Leni, I managed to find out about the music academy, which is located in Wagen on the music square. This concludes the story of Dana and Kate in the camp and Kate returns to the hotel. In the hotel, you can get acquainted with the new information through the computer. On the computer, you can find out information about Junta, the expedition, the Academy of Music and people.