Syberia The World Before walkthrough HYDE Kate’s escape from the mine

Hello dear friends! At the beginning of the part, our heroines Dana and Kate were just starting their new story. Dana managed to play a musical instrument in front of a large number of people. Ah, Kate found out the sad information that came in a package from a friend of her parents.

Dana’s task, “Write a letter to Herr Gustav”, in Syberia The World Before.

Dana’s action begins with the Roses’ parental home in the city of Vaen. Mom congratulates Dana on a successful performance at the concert. When Dana graduates from university, she will be able to go to the Paris Conservatory. During the dialogue, you can choose any answer from the two, there is no difference.

Immediately after the dialogue, you can read the entries in the diary or examine the surrounding atmosphere. Particular attention should be paid to the paintings on the wall, shelves, table and other things. When inspecting things, it is important to find a writing pen, because without it it will not be possible to write a letter. In the dresser on which the box is located, you can find a pencil in the upper right drawer.

After examining all the available things in the first room, we go to another room. In the next room you can find the same pen. The pen is in her father’s desk, in the second drawer. We take this pen and go to look for a suitable piece of paper on which to write a letter. At the same time, you can read information about the astomaton plant in Vaena.

The most suitable sheet for writing can be found in the first room on the counter. To do this, we return to the first room from which the task began, approach and interact with the counter. The sheet of paper is under the books, you just need to click on it and it will slide out. Next, once again click on the sheet of paper and select the pen for writing. After writing the letter, someone throws a stone at the glass of the Roses’ house, there is a note on the stone. After reading the note, the screensaver starts and the story is translated to Kate.

Kate’s task is to find a way out of the mine in the game Syberia The World Before.

The action begins with the “Salt Mine” in the Taiga in 2004. Our heroine Kate and her friend are doing difficult mining work. Kate is not feeling well because of the letter she read. After the dialogue with Katyusha, you can read the diary with new entries. The new entries say that Cantin is trying to bribe the guards and ransom Kate’s escape. After reading the diary, you can examine the surrounding things.

First of all, you will need to bring the cart to your friend, who is located on the other side of the cave. First, we inspect the carts and try to push them away, then we examine them again and remove them from the brakes. After that, the cart can be pushed forward, but while the cart is moving, Kate utters unpleasant memories. Bringing the cart to the right place, Kate takes a pickaxe and gets to work.

A secret passage to an abandoned subway, in the game Syberia The World Before.

After working several times with a pickaxe on boulders, a passage opens to another location. This passage may allow Kate to make a successful prison break. In the new mine, we find an abandoned train and many uniformed corpses. Katyusha’s friend went ahead, and we need to inspect the found place. Therefore, we go in the other direction, to the beginning of the train.

The task “Help Katyusha” or the officer’s car, in the game Syberia The World Before.

At the very beginning, as soon as we enter the car with the skeleton at the table, you can only examine the head of the skeleton officer. Therefore, we leave and continue to inspect the surrounding area. You can immediately go to Katyusha, who will tell you the escape plan on a motorcycle. True, it will not work to leave on it yet, since there are no keys.

To find the keys and get the opportunity to escape, you will have to return to the officer’s car and continue the inspection. This time we have access to the table inspection. There are notes on the table that must be read, as there is a secret place under them. A special key will need to be installed on this secret place, which will open another secret place in the table.

Stages of examining the officer’s desk.

  1. We read the notes on the table.

After reading, a secret hole in the center of the table opens.

  1. We examine the boxes in the table.

You need to look at the boxes on the left and right side of the table. There is nothing interesting in the boxes themselves.

  1. We look at the head of the skeleton.

After examining the head of the skeleton, it should fall off.

  1. Interact with the skeleton’s hand.

It is important to move the skeleton’s hand to another place. Under the other is a secret button that opens a hidden drawer on the left side of the table below.

  1. Close open drawers back.
  2. We open the opened secret box.

In the box you need to take a special key that you need to install on the center of the table.

  1. Go to the center of the table and set the found key.

On the installed key there is a strip that needs to be connected to the strip on the table. You can turn the key using the pointer on the left side of the key. When the position of the disk is set correctly, another hidden place will open.

  1. We take the keys from the opened secret box.

Having received the keys, you can return back to your friend Katyusha.

The task “Explore another part of the train” or an attempt to make an escape, in the game Syberia The World Before.

After the keys are found, you can return to Katyusha and give one key to the motorcycle. While Katyusha is working with a motorcycle, we can see another part of the train. Now we can easily get acquainted with the contents in the locked car, which we examined at the beginning of this location.

Approaching this car, you need to interact with the lock and select the remaining key. To open the lock, you have to work hard with the mouse. You need to hold down the mouse button and scroll in the indicated direction. After several attempts, the lock can be easily opened.

Inside the car is full of valuables that can cost a fortune, paintings, gold trays and other things. If you look closely at the paintings, you can find such specimens that were during the time of the heroine Dana. Katyusha will even find a portrait with a painted heroine Dana. Apparently, these things could get in the course of an escape to another city or a robbery.

After examining the wagon with jewelry, our heroines are attacked by Simon’s guard. During the conflict, Katyusha receives a bullet in the body. And Kate manages to recapture the gun from Simone and wins the fight on the ground, hitting Simone on the head with a stone. As a result, only Kate manages to escape. As planned, Kate starts the motorcycle, accelerates and jumps over the cliff at speed.