Syberia The World Before Walkthrough Hyde the story of the picture in the camp

Hello dear friends! In the previous article, our hero Kate Walker managed to find a place where you can get valuable information about the painting. Thanks to the owner of the hotel, who offered Kate a guide and a map of the area. It only remained to get to the antique shop and find out possible details about the picture with the girl Dana. In this antique shop, Kate decided to activate the automaton, hoping to resurrect Oscar. But, the mechanical parts were incompatible and the automaton escaped with Oscar’s heart.

The task “Get to the camp”, in the game Syberia the World Before.

Catching Oscar Kate failed, so I had to resume the search for information about the picture. The next important place will be “Camp”, this place was reported by the seller in the antique shop. In the picture, he recognized a landscape with mountains, which is very consistent with those mountains that can be seen in the camp.

So, to go to the “Camp” you just need to walk to the nearest stop and select the desired destination. The tram will immediately deliver the hero to the specified destination. Arriving at the stop, you can see the surrounding area and objects. Things available for inspection will not provide valuable and useful information. We leave the stop and continue to walk along the path to the camp.

Arriving at the camp house, you need to go to the fence on the terrace to check if the landscape matches the painted landscape in the picture. To do this, Kate takes out a painted picture with Dana, where the terrain markers are indicated. These markers need to be marked with dots in the landscape, for this you need to look up from the picture to the mountains and mark the right one.

The task “Serve the guests”, in the game Syberia the World Before.

After finding the right markers in the painting and the surrounding area, Kate was approached by her grandmother in a wheelchair. Grandmother Leni told about the story of the painting and said the name of the girl who was painted, her name is Dana Rose. I ended up in the hotel camp because of a part-time job, as a waiter.

Dana Rose controls the following actions. After talking with the owner of the hotel, who gave us some tips on how to work. First, we set off to adjust the stove, since it is located in the same room.

Furnace repair, in the game Syberia The World Before.

We carry out an external inspection and pay attention to the panel with indicators of the condition of the furnace. The third sensor reflects the indicator of air supply to the furnace, and in the center, the level of fire. To increase the fire pressure indicators, it is enough to throw firewood into the furnace furnace. To do this, open the furnace, go to the inspection mode and put firewood in the furnace, on the right side of the furnace. This firewood will not be enough, other firewood is located on the left side of the room from the stove. You will need to exit the furnace inspection mode and go to another part of the room, after repairing the entire furnace.

For a complete repair of the furnace, it will also be necessary to repair the air supply. First you need to turn the camera to the right side, in the furnace inspection mode, and pay attention to the valves. The very first valve from the bottom that has a failed state. You need to unscrew it, and then take it with you.

Next, we go into inspection mode and move the camera to the left side of the furnace, pay attention to the valves. A little to the left of the valves is a mechanism that regulates the air supply. There is no valve in one of the holes, in this place you need to insert the valve we received earlier. After the done actions, we can leave the inspection of the furnace and go to another part of the room, take firewood and put it in the furnace. Everything, the oven is in good condition.

The task “Prepare and submit an order to scientists”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

This task can be carried out at the bar. You just need to open both doors and go inside with the barrels. Drink “Spitze” typed immediately into the glass. The second order is also typed, only it will be necessary to pour more from the bottle into the mug. For the third order, “Nobel”, you need to pour a glass and replace the barrel, which is located under the counter behind the curtain. After filling the glasses, you need to approach the scientists and transfer the order, which will tell the hero Dan about their work.

The task is to “take an order on the terrace”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

Perhaps this is the easiest task from the head of the hotel. Since you need to come to the terrace and talk with visitors. After the dialogue, you can look through the telescope and see the beauty of the mountain. After examining everything available, you need to go back, if this is the last task from the instructions of the leader, then you can immediately go to Herr Gustav.

The task “Find a way to eavesdrop on Leon and Dana”, in the game Syberia The World Before.

After a dialogue with Herr Gustav, Dana played the piano. Surprisingly, the game gave another surprise, as it turned out that I would have to play another hero, Leni. Who is the daughter of the owner of the hotel, Herr Gustav. Leni really wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation between Leon and Dana, because Leon really liked Leni. It was not possible to go through the door due to the ban on the part of the guests and the father, who asked why he was not yet in bed.

The only thing you can do is go to your room on the second floor. In the room, you need to examine the surrounding things. To eavesdrop on the dialogue, just open the window and a video screensaver will appear in which Leon and Dan are talking.