Drox Operative 2 is a game on star ships in space, somewhat reminiscent of “Space Rangers.” The development of this game worked studio Soldak Entertainment. The game was released in 2020, and the game itself is made in the genre of action RPG.

The player will lead one of the crews of the spacecraft “Drox operatives.” And choose the path and side that will be a good ally in the future. And the main task is to create a cool spaceship and possibly help to capture the galaxy.

About the plot.

Once the Drox race and its operatives were able to defeat the race of the Ancients and lead the tops of the galaxy. With the help of operatives who are elite troops with experienced captains. Drox could use any tactics in attacks, from hidden attacks to direct collisions and had an advantage over the enemy.

The Drox were able to hold the lead in the galaxy until they realized that their powerful operatives had become a threat. Then there was a large-scale civil war, where the Drox tried to get rid of their “operatives.” During the confrontation, the Drox race fell, and the Drox operatives became an independent guild.

New races began to appear in the galaxy, but quiet prosperity did not happen. Since the “Ancients” returned and tried to regain power in the galaxy. The new races had to ask the Drox operatives for help, and together they managed to repel the hostile attacks from the Ancients. Thus, they established peace and free prosperity.

With the development of a free and united galaxy, new races and interests of existing races have appeared. This time there is a new wave of change, where existing races in the galaxy divide the territory. And all this is due to a lack of resources. Some are trying to form alliances through diplomacy, while others are hostile.

About the game process.

At the beginning of the game, the player needs to choose a ship and join the side of a race. The game has about 11 races. At the same time, the choice of side and ship is interconnected, or rather each race has its own spaceships. Also, when choosing a race and ship, the player is given a bonus, which is available to the selected race.

On allied planets, you can equip your space ship with weapons and various modules. Perform espionage, which will allow you to get more advanced technology. Or sabotage with propaganda that undermines the internal security of the planet.

In the galaxy there are several systems with planets on which different races can be present. In this case, the map of the systems is covered with fog and it will have to be opened moving on your spaceship. But to move between the “Systems” may require a special key or code.

You can complete the game by completing basic tasks and conditions from several sections. Victory can be achieved through Military Victory, Diplomatic Victory, Economic Victory, Intimidation Victory, and Legendary Victory.

About the relationship between races and their planets.

As mentioned above, to move between the “Systems” you need access and permission keys. Such keys can be obtained from allied planets and parties. And not always these accesses will be free, some permissions to the “Gates” need to be bought for loans.

Alliances can be made with neutral or nearly allied planets. And again, they will sell these points for loans. So, there will be something to think about and it is good if the planets are in a neutral and good relationship. In the vastness of the galaxy, there are already enough hostile pirate ships.

About our conclusion.

In general, the game is normal and quite suitable for people who like games of this genre. In addition, the game will recall 2000 years. The time when the Space Rangers were.