Medic Pacific Corpsman rescues battle comrades on the battlefield

Medic Pacific Corpsman is a manual to save lives on the battlefield, where the main character acts as a medic. Hypnotic Ants is working on the game and plans to release the game in 2021. The games are made in the genre of action and simulator.

About the plot.

The scene of medical action takes place during the Pacific War. Where the US Army conducts combat operations. During the war, they face stiff resistance and gradually lose soldiers at the front.

Our main character is faced with the task of saving the fighting staff. And the main accessories on the battlefield are medical instruments, bandages, dressings and more. Therefore, you will have to think about who to save first, since the surviving fighter can change the course of military events.

To save a comrade on the battlefield, we need medical tools that are considered resources in the game. So these resources for all the wounded may not be enough. Since it will not be possible to take with you all the necessary devices for first aid.

The whole process seems simple only at first glance. In addition to the limited resources and tools carried in the bag, there is still a difficult choice. When there are two soldiers nearby with different injuries or different degrees of injury. Each of them asks you for help, but it will not work for someone alone.

About the gameplay.

At the beginning of the mission, our character is in the headquarters, where you need to select items for first aid. After choosing, you can choose the direction and run to look for the wounded. And in the search process you will have to evade flying projectiles and hide behind fences.

After the wounded is found, it needs to be examined and bandaged. If possible and need to apply a tourniquet. The wounded themselves may not reach the headquarters and they will have to be dragged on themselves in the literal sense of the word. And then again in search.

Our opinion.

People from among fans of computer games can have a long history of shooting from weapons. Despite the fact that in some cases they know firsthand about energy and plasma weapons. And now, developers can teach the population to provide first field medical care.

Full release of the game is not soon and it is difficult to say how the game can turn out in its final form. In games of the genre of shooter, characters with a medical specialization have already met. But there the processes of first aid are not disclosed very realistically. Since to treat a fighter, you just need to throw a first-aid kit under his feet or cure with one touch.