Assassins Creed Valhalla gameplay and review of several gags

Assassins Creed Valhalla is a Viking game that invaded East Anglia in the 9th century. The game in the genre of action RPG was completed, and a full-fledged release of the game is scheduled for November 17, 2020. The game is a franchise of Assassins games and it is difficult to name the continuation of the previous parts. Since the history of actions takes place in another century and the main character himself is not like the previous one.

The history and plot of Assassins Creed Valhalla is completely new, where the Vikings have to look for ways of existence. And the main decision is to leave Norway, to establish their homeland in new lands in England. At the same time, the developers decided not to include a diplomatic approach at this moment. Vikings just land and seize someone else’s land.

About the combat process with the army.

The game has several interesting points. Where in the course of battles with the English army, if it were reality, the Vikings could not win. And even more so to capture the fortress. In the game, English fortresses are presented as strongly fortified of stone and have several rows of fortifications to the main gate.

At the same time, the English army actively uses fire and fire arrows. Soldiers are well protected and have armor with shields. Not only that, English bosses can use magic and some of these points are generally impressive. While the protagonist can throw axes and shoot from a bow.

The Allied army in the battles with the British play a passive role of distractions. And they take on some part of the enemy army. At the same time, they wave their swords and axes at each other without losing health. Until the main character marks the enemy fighter and inflicts damage on him.

After the main character enters the battle with the enemy fighter, which is held by an ally, the enemy appears a health scale. And the allied army, as it were, begins to perform useful attacking functions, inflicting a little damage on the enemy fighter. The main battle, to clean the territory from enemy fighters, is performed by the main character.

The process of storming the fortress.

At the beginning of the breakthrough of the outer gate, the developers somehow managed to come up with the use of a drakkar as a ram. This drakkar – a Viking boat, reached a land under a barrage of fire arrows. And something happened, the dragcar picked up speed and rammed the doors of the fortress. Rammed so that even the stone walls collapsed.

Viking warriors are armed with almost the same melee weapons and armor compared to the English fighters. But of the siege structures, the Vikings have only a ram. Moreover, it is open and does not protect against fire arrows. And in these conditions, not a large Viking squad manages to break through the defenses of the fortress and enter through the main gate.

The English enemy army is actively watering the Vikings with fire arrows. Those who push the ram sometimes flare up like matches. And only the main character in case of fire can put out the fire if he runs around the battlefield. Under these difficult fiery conditions, only a wooden ram does not die, since there are no strength points.

The battle process with the enemy boss.

In the game Assassins Creed Valhalla sometimes there will be bosses who have their own sets of abilities. Some of them are very impressive, since there are magical abilities. For example, an enemy boss can move in space and quickly change his position. Or even use the natural elements and summon lightning on the battlefield.

It is amazing that in our main character the main types of pumping are aimed at a realistic battle approach. “Kick with a run”, “Kick” and others, including a pumping branch for long-range weapons.

The forces on the battlefield are clearly not equal, the enemy boss can win with several powerful attacks. For some reason, the main character was not included in the ability to own natural elements. For example, “Call Lightning” or “Chain Lightning Bolt,” such as an enemy boss. And spatial displacement is not at all common, compared to the abilities of the main character.

About the conclusion.

According to some of the above descriptions of the game Assassins Creed Valhalla can be called a fantastic action RPG. And similar fiction in the Assassins series can be considered acceptable moments. If you recall how in the previous parts the main character jumped from a great height into the hay without losing health.

Players love this game not for real action. And for an unusual gameplay and a strong plot, where one brave Assassins warrior fights with injustice. And the hero Assassins Creed Valhalla saves his people by fighting, invading the territory of England.

As for the graphics, the game is framed at a high level. The surrounding details, including animation and plot screensavers, are qualitatively drawn. The effects of fire look quite realistic and beautiful.