Shadow Warrior 3 is a new samurai shooter with action elements due in 2021

Shadow Warrior 3 is a samurai first person shooter with action and special abilities with a variety of unique weapons. The developers offer players an aggressive and dynamic approach to passing with pools of blood. The game is being developed by Flying Wild Hog studio, which plans to release the game in 2021.

About the plot.

Once shogun Lo Wang accidentally freed an ancient dragon from eternal imprisonment. And to prevent the end of the world, he will have to find the released dragon and solve the problem. And perhaps he will save the master who was abducted by the mask in the ancient sanctuary. On the way, you will meet unusual creatures and walk along unknown edges. And to win, you will need a “mask of a dead god”, “dragon egg” and extra abilities.

About the main character Shogun Lo Wang.

The main character Lo Wang is somewhat reminiscent of Deadpool, with some similar gags. Almost the same behavior and manner of fighting. He often jumps and loves firearms, and the most basic and important is the katana sword. The sword is almost the same as Deadpool’s. But you will have to fight with fantastic monsters and in unique mountainous places.

About the gameplay.

The combat process combines different elements of combat systems. Close combat is similar to samurai action games, only with pools of blood. When hitting an enemy with a sword, blood splashes in different directions and looks very impressive. The attacks themselves and the movement of the character are fast, but the enemies are not so slow either.

You need to act quickly and make decisions just as quickly. The final battle process may depend on the player’s choice. It is important which weapon the player chooses during the battle. Whether it’s melee with a katana, ranged weapons, or special abilities similar to magic. Each of the weapons have their own properties and application features.

For example, firearms may not always cause damage to a certain type of monster. And in close combat with a katana, it may not work to inflict damage, since the enemy is fast and knows how to dodge. In this case, the player will need to look for solutions and find weaknesses in the enemy, through which damage can pass, contributing to victory.

The movement process is somewhat similar to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game, where the character interacts with walls and can jump from wall to wall. And to overcome obstacles, he uses a hook and can fly over the cliffs.

About the unique production of new weapons.

The developers have provided a unique way to get new weapons. Instead of primitive methods of obtaining weapons from chests, weapons lying on the ground or falling out of defeated monsters. Players will have to literally pull monsters out of their bodies. Moreover, different types of weapons are in different parts of the monsters.

Weapons obtained directly from the body of a monster have special functions and can accelerate the victory over surrounding monsters in the location. For example, from a huge monster you can get a melee weapon “hammer”. To do this, you need to defeat him, and on the last blow carry out a special attack. Then the character pulls out a weapon from the monster.

You can get different types of weapons from different types of monsters. Moreover, almost all weapons are absolutely unique and not found in other games. And the application can bring a lot of positive impressions.

About interaction with objects and traps.

In the game, the developers have provided the player with a sufficient number of different traps. Which can be used for your own purposes to defeat monsters. To activate some traps, you need to approach them and activate them. In other cases, you can use a hook and launch a trap at the monster that is nearby.

On more battlefield you can find barrels that can also be used as weapons. It just might require more set of actions. For example, a barrel can be pulled with a grappling hook, and then thrown to the other side with an ability and fired from a weapon. After which the barrel may explode.


As a result, the player has enough tools to diversify his playing time. The gameplay itself is well-developed. Special weapons and activated traps look very impressive when triggered. And the graphics are at a decent high level.