Cyberpunk 2077 liberty chimera how to defeat and use the Chimera Core

In the game cyberpunk 2077 there are many bosses that players have to fight. All bosses have their own special attack techniques, unique weapons, strengths and weaknesses. Each boss may have its own unique tactics and battle timing. The fact is that players upgrade their character’s characteristics based on their preferences and experience. They also choose the type of main weapon, which is determined by the pumped up characteristics. Therefore, when fighting bosses, various difficulties may arise on the way to victory.

One of the difficult bosses to defeat is the Chimera. It is indeed very difficult to defeat him. Since he has a large supply of health and good armor. And the room itself does not have much space for maneuvers and actions. At the same time, different weapons of players can cause different amounts of damage if they hit the same point. Nevertheless, it is possible to defeat the Chimera if you adhere to basic combat tactics.

The article describes the process of fighting the Chimera boss and tips for destroying it. You can become familiar with the Chimera’s weak points, which will increase your chances of winning. There is also information about the further use of the Chimera Core.

First meeting with the “Chimera” in the game cyberpunk 2077.

The Chimera combat robot, V, can be seen in the Dogtown location when he was saving President Rosalind Myers in the mission “All the President’s Men.” During this time period, the Songbird character was able to control the robot and repel enemy attacks from Hansen’s troops. But, at some point, control was lost and our hero had to run away from a dangerous enemy. The flight did not take long; Chimera managed to catch up and destabilize V. The Chimera boss seemed to be defeated as V and Chimera fell to the bottom floor. After some time, V comes to his senses, and the Chimera robot is restored along with him. We have no choice but to join the battle.

  The battle with the Chimera boss in the game cyberpunk 2077.

The Chimera is a huge mechanized machine in the form of a spider, which has quite strong weapons. On board there are machine guns, rocket launchers and a powerful laser, all of which make the Chimera one of the deadliest bosses. Machine guns fire at very high speeds and penetrate cover. The rocket launchers fire several missiles, hitting a decent area of fire. Upon contact with a surface they explode, causing damage several meters away. The laser beam is large and capable of causing decent damage if it hits the target. And at close range it attacks with a shock wave and releases a cloud of poisonous gas.

Weaknesses of the Chimera boss in the game cyberpunk 2077.

The Chimera’s weak points are located in different parts of the hull and are small in size. In most cases, the easiest weak points are the turret, sides and rear of the main turret. To be able to hit these places, you will have to remember the robot’s strong attacks and run well around the perimeter. These places are more for submachine gunners, shotgunners and snipers.

For other weak points that are located in the front, Smart Weapons are more suitable for hitting. Since it independently targets weak points and delivers precise targeted attacks. These places include: the bends of the Chimera’s legs, the front hatch in the hull and the lower side part under the turret. It’s easy to attack with a “Smart Weapon,” but there is one moment when the attacked device is hit, and the bullets from the “Smart Weapon” deal 0 damage. Therefore, we need to look for other vulnerable parts of the Chimera.

The first stage of the battle with the Chimera boss.

Once on the lower floors of the building, our hero is brought to his senses by his partner. After some time, the battle begins. We have two options: stay on the first floor and hide on the columns or immediately go up to the second floor. On the ground floor it is easy to hit the Chimera’s legs, which makes it less agile and more vulnerable. From the second floor it is comfortable to attack the top turret of the Chimera. It all depends on the hero’s existing weapons and leveling up his abilities.

We suggest staying a little on the first floor to attack the Chimera’s legs and the hatch in the frontal part of the hull. To do this, you can use grenades, which allows you to deal damage to different parts of the boss. If that doesn’t work, then run to the second floor, from there there is a good view and more places to attack. In addition, our partner in misfortune helps to attract the attention of the Chimera, this allows us to freely carry out attacks to the rear. It is important to monitor the behavior of the Chimera and try to attack at the back of the boss and the sides. In other cases, attacks will be less effective and deal little damage.

The second part of the battle with the Chimera boss.

After the first stage of the battle was won, the Chimera fell to the floor, and small combat robots flew out of it. First we fight the flying robots, and then we continue to attack the Chimera. It is advisable to change your weapon to a more suitable one and go up to the second floor, if you haven’t already gone up. We try to attack the Chimera repair robots, after which we attack the combat robots. If the battles in the first stage continued on the second floor, then most likely most of the shelters have already been broken down. On the second floor we need to find turrets – machine guns, which are located in the corner of the corridor.

With the help of the dismantled machine gun from the turret, we can inflict a significant amount of damage to weak points. It is advisable to aim at the sides of the hull and turret or at the rear of the Chimera. One good hit can deal about 1000 damage when firing a machine gun from a turret. The strategy is exactly the same as in the first part of the battle, we need to run away from the close attention of the Chimera and aim at weak points. When the Chimera is low on health points, you can jump on the Chimera to snatch the Chimera’s core from the tower.

Where to use the Chimera core in the game cyberpunk 2077.

The Chimera Core itself can be taken with you or left behind. In any case, nothing bad will happen. But, taking with you more priorities than leaving them lying on the floor. The Chimera Core makes a great trophy that can be placed on a shelf or table. This will be like a good reminder of a difficult battle with a strong boss. Therefore, we recommend picking up the “Chimera Core”.

There is another good use for the Chimera Core, which provides decent weapon upgrades. You can create one of 4 upgrades for level 5 weapons. You can create one improvement – mod once, because there is only one core from the Chimera. It is advisable to spend wisely, based on your preferences. The following mods are available: “Severance Pay (for close combat)”, “Hacktomy (for smart weapons)”, “Fireworks (for powerful weapons)”, “Wallpaper Puncher (for technical weapons)”. To create a mod from the “Chimera Core”, you need to go to the crafting menu and use the core on the desired weapon.