XCOM Chimera Squad new story about the union of people and aliens in the squad Chimera

XCOM Chimera Squad is a complete and independent continuation of the very XCOM. But this time with a new story and an improved gameplay. Firaxis Games studio worked on the development of the game, which plans to release the game on April 24, 2020.

About the plot.

The event of a new history takes place several years after humanity was able to repel the attacks of aliens. The main aliens left planet earth leaving their fighters. Some aliens surrendered, offering earthlings their services. And the other part was left to confront and fight. Nevertheless, mankind has managed to unite the two races and continue to develop civilization.

For the aliens who offered their services, a special department and the Chimera squad were created. In this detachment, they have to fight side by side with earthlings against crime and restore order. And employees who are on the staff of the Chimera squad have agent status.

The scene of the work of a special detachment takes place in the city No. 31. Which is the mainstay of prosperity in the world. It will have to restore order and restore the consequences after the recent invasion.

The command of the special detachment is carried out from headquarters. After the battle, the agents gather in the command department to distribute tasks. The city is divided into sectors where different local factions are at war. To these places and need to send agents to investigate.

About the review of agents.

In total, 11 agents are available in the game that can be controlled and sent to complex tasks. Each has its own set of abilities and skills.

  • Patch. (Man).

Position: Operator.

Specialization in the detachment: Technical support and incapacitation of enemy equipment.


During the first alien invasion of the earth, Patch lost a family and some parts of the body. She managed to recover at Advent’s orphanage, where she was cured and made bionic prostheses. During the recovery process, she managed to find out important information about the criminal activities of Advent, which she transmitted to the XCOM organization. With this, her career began in the ranks of agents.

In the ranks of agents, her strengths are her interaction with technology. Without much labor, incapacitates enemy robots. It can crack security systems and own electric weapons.

  • Aristocrat. (Man).

Position: Shooter.

Specialization in the detachment: Sniper shooting and high-speed shooting.


Childhood “Aristocrat” spent in the occupied city number 31. His father was a police officer, and after the service he created his own private detective agency. The Aristocrat began to gain skills when he helped his father investigate criminal cases. When the occupation of the city ended, he joined the ranks of law activists, and after that he was among the XCOM agents.

The main advantages of our hero are strategic thinking and excellent accuracy. His Shilo pistol can ignore visibility fines and shelter bonuses for enemies.

  • Tightening. (Viper).

Position: Inquisitor.

Specialization in the unit: Moving enemies and allies, as well as the possession of poisons.


Born from an egg in the New Arctic Incubator in 2020. When the city number 31 was occupied, it hunted resistance fighters. In 2035, XCOM defeated the invasion forces. And “Puff” at that time was in custody. After negotiations with XCOM employees, she offered her services and experience. The first job was training new recruits in the fight against Advent fighters. In the process of successful work, she was noticed by Colonel Kelly, after which Puff was transferred to another Chimera detachment.

“Puff” is able with its tongue to pull the enemy out of cover or save an ally by pulling him out of a dangerous place. It can immobilize the enemy by binding it with his body.

  • Cherub. (Hybrid).

Position: Guardian.

Specialization in the detachment: Shields, allied defense, tank.


The Cherub is one of those who prepared to resist the legal forces and was trained in the Advent squad. But it was not after the removal of the occupation was not accepted into their service. Legitimate forces and XCOM fighters arrested the Cherub in the Advent lab. While in prison, he undergoes various tests and studies, after which he was accepted into the ranks of XCOM agents.

“Cherub” to the surprise of its colleagues was very loyal and optimistic. I am always ready to provide support and not leave my friends in trouble.

  • Terminal. (Man).

Position: Medic.

Specialization in the detachment: Medical assistance and support.


Like some other team members, she suffered from an alien invasion. She was adopted by a woman who worked as a doctor. The woman passed on her skills and knowledge, and the “Terminal” helped her in her work. After the Advent forces attacked, XCOM fighters rescued her and took her to their ranks.

At that time, in the usual XCOM squad, she showed herself to the best side and fought bravely. After which she was invited to join another XCOM Chimera unit as a physician. And her skills in medicine are at the same high level as weapons.

  • Claymore. (Man).

Position: Demoman.

Specialization in the detachment: Owns explosives, deals area damage and has penetration skills.


At the start of the invasion, Claymore was a child. He was born in a family of engineers, who after the invasion was constantly looking for a safe place and moved from shelter to shelter. Both parents put their knowledge into it and taught the craft of engineering. He used the acquired skills to good effect and helped the XCOM fighters collecting explosives for them.

Once in the squad “Chimera”, he took up the post of demolitionist. He constructs and collects explosives and other engineering gadgets himself, which he sends to the hell of enemy fighters.

  • Verge. (Sectoid).

Position: Messenger.

Specialization in the squad: Possesses the abilities of psionics and can manipulate enemies.


Verge was in the ranks of Advent, which used it in their telekinesis experiments. His task was to establish contact with the government of the land. Connected officials under his control spread propaganda about the good intentions of the invading aliens. However, “Verge” is tired of it and he realized that he was working on the wrong side. And he found contacts with XCOM agents, to whom he transmitted the exact locations of the Advent forces. When the invasion and occupation was defeated, he was offered a job in the ranks of XCOM units.

He is the best telepathist in the XCOM Chimera squad. And his skills help to influence the consciousness of enemies. Can force the mind of an enemy fighter out of hiding.

  • Godmother. (Man).

Position: Ranger.

Specialization in the detachment: Excellent shooter and good knowledge of stealth, can attack from an ambush.


She is a war veteran, and from her colleagues requires an appropriate return.

Her main weapon is a shotgun. Thanks to which it can inflict critical damage and shoot without a miss. Enemies from the targeted attacks of “Godfather” flee from their occupied positions. And it itself can skillfully evade enemy attacks.

  • Axiom. (Mouton).

Position: Attack aircraft.

Specialization in the unit: Able to inflict high damage.


“Axiom” hails from another planet, which ended up on earth during the invasion of alien transport ships in 2015. In the service of aliens, he was the bodyguard of the leaders and guarded the objects of the Advent organization. When the Advent organization was destroyed by XCOM units, Axiom played a decisive role in protecting the population of City No. 31 from being infected by the virus. For these courageous actions he was accepted into the Chimera detachment.

“Axiom” is an aggressive character by nature, but he was able to restrain his emotions and direct his strength to the right channels. Entering the battle with enemy fighters, he is able to inflict damage on several enemies that stand next to each other.

  • Shelter. (Man).

Position: Psion.

Specialization in the squad: Possesses the skills of psionics, can strengthen allies and inflict telepathic attacks on enemies.


Shelter was separated from his family during the invasion when he was placed in a migrant camp. After his psionic abilities appeared, Advent fighters took him to a research laboratory. There they were forced to torture captive rebels, and then he simply fled from there.

Shelter needed to find an application for his abilities and he decided to join the Chimera squad. He prefers to use his abilities for defensive purposes. Can strengthen allies, is able to swap allies and enemies. And also create your own double with the same abilities.

  • Marshmallows. (Hybrid).

Position: Rebel.

Specialization in the squad: Is a master of hand-to-hand combat. Fighting is only melee, but at the same time it has increased mobility.


According to seized documents from Advent, it was created in 2021. She was in the service of alien forces, but XCOM forces managed to defeat the creatures that controlled her mind. After that, “Zephyr” sided with XCOM and fought with them until the end of the war.

Zephyr in the Chimera squad is the most experienced melee fighter. Close attacks on enemies can stun them. And good mobility allows you to quickly move around the battlefield.

Innovations in the combat process.

The developers improved the game with the new “Assault” mode, in which you can place fighters in certain places at the beginning of the battle. This way you can plan your early actions and take your enemies by surprise.

In a special window you can see which fighter can start the next turn. And thus calculate and think over a more profitable enemy target. And in the end, play ahead of the curve.

You can download, buy the game from an official representative:

XCOM: Chimera Squad (Pre-Order) (PC)

Minimum parameters for PC:

Operating System: Win 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad Core 2.4GHz
Video card: 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7770, NVIDIA GeForce 650 or better
DirectX (R): 11
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Hard Drive: 18 GB