Dreamscaper: Prologue roguelike about a girl who is looking for a way out in a dream

Dreamscaper: Prologue is an action roguelike game. About the girl Cassidy, who falls asleep and fights in her sleep with different creatures. Developers from Afterburner Studios worked on the game. The game was released into Early Access on April 8, 2020 and has already gained its fans. And the full version of the game is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2020.

About the plot.

Girlfriend Cassidy moved to a new place of residence. And as soon as the move took place, she fell asleep and plunged into her sleep. In a dream, she was next to her old house. Players will have to solve the mysteries of Cassidy’s past and find out the reasons for moving to a new location.

About the gameplay.

The main combat process takes place when Cassidy’s girl is sleeping. When she goes to bed, she dreams and takes part in her own dream. Enters a combat battle with various creatures and can wield hand-to-hand combat. Can use special abilities that replenish after a certain time.

During the battle, in order to survive, you need to actively move and dodge enemy attacks. In this case, do not forget to attack your enemies yourself. You can use magic and change the space, or just destroy enemies with the help of freezing.

In a dream, you need to go through different locations. some locations there are enemy creatures that need to be defeated. In other locations, there may be special totems where the character can get special abilities or weapons.

order for Cassidy’s character to wake up and save all the improvements found, you need to go through all the locations and defeat the boss. In some locations, you will need to solve a small puzzle in the form of laying a pipeline.

If Cassidy’s character is defeated by creatures, she wakes up in her bed. At the same time, it loses the found improvements and abilities. And can continue playing the game in a dream or not in a dream.

Cassidy’s wakefulness.

When Cassidy is awake, she can chat with other characters and make new friends. To do this, you need to select the place of departure when leaving the room. This could be a cafe, shop, or other places in the city.

Upon arrival in city places, you can meet another character. New acquaintances can unlock additional unique items. Moreover, in real life it can be an ordinary mug of coffee, and in a dream another object.

 Conclusion on the game Dreamscaper: Prologue.

Dreamscaper: Prologue is a bit like Curse of the Dead Gods. In that which is in the same roguelike genre. The characters in both games go through rooms or locations with adventures. After the passage, they reach the place where they receive priority awards and equipment.

If you compare both games, Dreamscaper_Prologue looks brighter and less dark. Suitable for most age-restricted computer game lovers. In addition, there is a storyline where the character of Cassidy will gradually deal with his past.