Ghost of Tsushima Legendary armor of Tadayori or costume of the great archer Hyde

In the game Ghost of Tsushima there are unique places where the character can get rare types of armor. You can get them by completing side quests with musicians in settlements. At the same time, in some tasks you will have to spend a lot of time to find clues.

If you move in the right direction and complete tasks, you can reduce the time spent looking for the right places. Having reached the required place and completing the task, the path will open to another secret place. When all the stages of completing the tasks are completed, the last task appears with the approximate location of the unique equipment.

In search of Tadayori’s armor or the legend of Tadayori in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

To get a unique task in which a character can become the owner of the legendary armor of Tadayori’s armor, you need to talk to a musician in a settlement in the “Rustling Bend” area. After that, the musician can tell the main character Jin Sakai about the legend of the great archer.

Once upon a time there was a warrior on the island who wore unique armor and was the best archer among the samurai. The armor protected the warrior from arrows so that strong bows could not pierce. And the warrior himself did not miss and hit right on target.

During the battle with the invaders, one peasant put on armor and was able to single-handedly defeat a group of enemies. At the same time, he did not miss the enemies and did not receive damage from them. This armor was then told to Prince Sakai.

After the story, a rough indication of the northern part of Azamo will appear on the global map. Arriving at the indicated place, you need to look for a hill with flowers. Flowers will be a clue to the further location. You need to climb to the top of this mountain.

Treasure map hints in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

After climbing the mountain, a hint with a treasure map will appear. Another large mountain with a totem and a cave is drawn on the map. According to the instructions, we can assume that you need to go this cave. But, having arrived at the place of entrance, it was not there.

To immediately get on the right course, you do not need to go to the cave. And towards the house, which is drawn on the map. In this direction there will be the following signs of the right direction. On the opposite side of the building there will be a little noticeable entrance to the mountain.

Once in the right place, you can find out that the Mongols are looking for armor, when they received a map indicating the location of this armor. From this it becomes clear why it was not possible immediately from the mountain to find the passage to the cave drawn on the map.

The battle with the keeper Kaede in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

It will not be easy to obtain Tadayori’s armor, as you will need to fight the guardian of the “Kaede” armor. The Guardian Girl Kaede is far from being a weak enemy and has excellent command of her weapon. Winning from the first hit from the learned stance will not work. Special Killing Strikes only work on common enemy warriors.

After the battle, Kaede will report that the armor was lost long ago and only the approximate location is known. And gives approximate coordinates to the “Mongol Camp Bay”. Almost half of the map will have to go from the place of the battle.

In the area of ​​the bay in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

Arriving at the indicated place, the character Jin Sakai meets the Mongols who are looking for treasure and torture the musician. First you need to deal with the Mongols and save the musician. Which will tell you where Tadayori’s real armor is. And dealing with the bandits will not be difficult.

About the features of the armor of Tadayori or the great archer in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

Todayori’s armor was blessed by the gods and provides advantages for ranged attacks using a bow. Since wearing the “Armor of the Great Archer” suit gives priority to the speed of drawing the bowstring at the bow. And if you hit an enemy fighter in the head, the time dilation scale is refilled.

Tadayori’s armor is more suitable for players who prefer to keep their distance between enemies. From a long distance, you can safely eliminate enemy fighters and change position after an attack. Since the comrades run to the killed enemy fighter and begin to send a siren through the horn. Then other nearby fighters come running.