Dropzone analog Dota 2 only with robots

Dropzone is a game that combines the strategy of a MOBA game, an action game that is similar to the analog of DOTA 2. The game is developed by Sprkypants Studios LLC. The game was released in February 15, 2017. In the game it makes sense to use different tactics using combat abilities. The fight itself may take 15 minutes. During the game, the characters are pumped and improved, you can install both equipment and weapons.

You can control as one fighter and at the same time 3 fighters of different classes. You can control a bulky tank, a strong shooter, a resourceful engineer and an unpredictable call in the game. So the feature of this game is to manage 3 characters at the same time, at first glance it seems not very interesting and simple, but after spending a few hours of time you get used to it You are drawn into the gameplay, an unusual game, unlike its counterparts, where you only need to control one boom.

But even there it was not without problems. After all, initially the game was sharpened for one player and therefore the cooldown of abilities is quite large. A normal forward jump can recover almost a minute. And on ultimate, I generally keep quiet. By the way, in the beginning we are forced to play against bots for quite a while. Then the command mode opens. And only after that they will allow to manage three heroes at once. Therefore, there will have to try not to quit the game, skipping the main content.

In Dropzone, there are no lines with creeps and the main goal is not to destroy the enemy base. Here it is necessary to kill the monsters, take away the crystals from them and carry them to the center of the map. The one who brought more within 15 minutes won. Before I played in Dropzone, it seemed to me that they give us too little time. But it turned out that quite the opposite. Unfortunately, you get tired of the game before it ends. Fights are pretty monotonous and one match is not much different from the others.

Each equipment can change different equipment. You have to choose the best and more suitable active and passive abilities that suit your style of play.

Story Events unfolding in the future, when people discovered a new source of energy “Cores”. It was found on the surface of the satellite of Jupiter. People began to actively use it, and it grew into a dependency. The alien faction “Kavash” also discovered this resource and declared war on humanity. You are the commander of an elite squad. Control strong heroes and take part in hot battles.

What are the differences from the usual game MOBA? A variety of characters and modes, a unique customization system and a unique style. In development are game tournaments, new locations, a rating table, and more. Dropzone is available in the steam service for free. You need to go to the official page of the game in Steam, register and download a small client. Take part in the hot battles that will remain in your memory for a long time.


System requirements:

RAM: 4 GB of RAM

Video card: GTX 460 or better

DirectX: Versions 11

Network: Broadband internet connection.

Disk space: 6 GB.