Strategy RTS en 2

Real-time strategy (RTS) is a genre of strategic computer games in which there is no “sequence of moves.”
The participants in the strategy in real time position and maneuver the units and structures under their control. To protect areas of the card and / or destruction of the assets of their opponents. In a typical RTS during the game, you can create additional units and facilities. Usually this is limited by the requirement of spending accumulated resources. These resources, in turn, are obtained by controlling special points on the map and / or possessing certain types of units and structures designed for this purpose. More specifically, a typical game of the RTS genre includes collecting resources, building a base, in-game technological development and indirect control of units.

The tasks that a player must complete to succeed in RTS can be very demanding. In order to help cope with the task, sophisticated user interfaces have evolved. Some features have been borrowed from desktop environments. This is a Click and Drag Method to select all units in a given area. Although some other genres have conceptual and gameplay similarities to the RTS template, recognized genres are generally not considered RTS games.

In simple words, in a game of this genre, a player builds a base, collects resources, develops technology and the army. And then it attacks the enemy or defends its own base. To complete missions, you usually need to collect a certain amount of resources, destroy an enemy base or defend your base for some period. There may be other tasks or goals for passing, it all depends on what kind of plot in the game and what surprises the game developers came up with.

This section contains, if possible, all suitable games of a similar genre.