French anti-tank self-propelled Renault FT AC

In the French army at the time of the end of World War I, a large number of Renault FT light tanks remained in service. The vehicles were constantly modernized, including the suggestion to create a PT-ACS based on the Renault FT tank. However, the project remained at the development stage.

In World Of Tanks, the French anti-tank self-propelled gun Renault FT AC is on level 2. May reach a maximum speed of 21 kilometers per hour, this is a very low speed. This speed does not allow you to quickly move around the battlefield, which in turn complicates the game on this tank. Before the start of the battle, it takes place immediately to choose the direction, since then it will be difficult to change the flank. If enemy tanks are sold to the flank, then most likely the Renault FT AC self-propelled gun will be destroyed.

From weapons you can install one of 3 guns. 25 mm AC SA-L mle. 1937, 25 mm automatique mle. 1936, 47 mm SA-L mle. 1937. Our choice was a cannon 47 mm SA-L mle. 1937. With it, you can pierce armor in 66 millimeters and apply one-time damage in 55 units.

Reservation of the French anti-tank self-propelled gun Renault FT AC leaves much to be desired. Reservation corps is 16 millimeters. It will break through the majority of tanks, and because of the poor maneuverability of the self-propelled gun is easy to spin.