German heavy tank VK 36.01 H

German experienced heavy tank VK 36.01 H, the times of the Second World War, developed by Henschel, further development of the project VK 30.01 (H). The project has become one of the stages of development of the tank “Tiger”. In total, at the beginning of 1942, 8 chassis and 1 prototype were built. In the course of work on the prototype, many technical solutions were worked out, which later served as the basis for the development of heavy tanks in Germany in World War II. In the future, the chassis were used as a base for repair and recovery vehicles.

The order for the heavy tank VK 36.01 H to Henschel was issued in May 1941. The technical task indicated the requirement to arm a tank with a cannon, the projectile of which would pierce 100 millimeter armor at a distance of 1500 meters, and the tank itself had to withstand a hit from the same weapon. “Henschel” based on his car VK 30.01 H, but put in the chassis eight rollers of larger diameter. At the end of 1941, work on VK 36.01 H should have been canceled, since the canon with the Geton 0725, which was supposed to arm the future tank, could not be completed due to the absence of tungsten for its ammunition.

Then we decided to use the 88 millimeter cannon KwK 36, already prepared for the Porsche VK 4501 (P) tank. Now the project VK 36.01 H was quickly reworked for the project VK 4501 (H). Six towers made for the tank VK 36.01 H were transferred for installation on the structures. And the chassis were used for repair tractors.

In the game World Of Tanks, the German heavy tank VK 36.01 H is on level 6. Like most German cars, this tank feels pretty good in the role of a sniper – a good overview, acceptable accuracy and quick mixing of top guns contribute to this. But if necessary, in the top of the team, VK 3601 (H) can also be used as a breakthrough tank.

The tank has a fairly large margin of safety for level 6, and turning the body with a “diamond” can contribute to rebounding. Although we have to admit that despite the declared thickness of the forehead reservation – 100mm, classmates and many tanks of the 5th level have no problems making their way into the forehead. The reason for this is the almost complete lack of armor slope, a lot of weak points in booking (hatches, viewing gaps, etc.) and the rather large size of the tank, which makes it easier for opponents to mix.

The optimal role of a “mini-tiger” in combat is to advance in the second line of attack of the TT and supporting with fire a more armored comrade, for example T-150 or OI, and if an ally’s margin of safety dries out, then do not hesitate to “pick up” the direction and move forward, to attack with durability “, because the opponents will be by that time already to a certain extent exhausted by a firefight. Also, especially if you are not in the top of the list, it is possible and support the attack of the CT, especially not too mobile.

Good mobility on strong soils will allow you not to fall too far behind the “wolf pack” ST, and when they run into resistance, your tank can provide them with invaluable assistance. For the most comfortable game, you should use an eighty-eight millimeter gun, which has a large one-time damage, which is important in shootouts with classmates, and with the main turret, which increases the safety margin of the tank. In general, the tank resembles its predecessor VK 30.01 (H), but with slightly better reservations and mobility.