Soviet heavy tank KV-85

Soviet heavy tank KV-85   The Soviet heavy tank KV-85 differed from the KV-1C tower with weapons, and alterations associated with its installation.  The KV-85 tank was reduced the crew size, to 4 people, by eliminating the place of the rifleman. The body of the KV-85 tank was distinguished by the presence of cast cranked boxes, which were welded to the side plates, and the absence of a mechanic-driver’s hatch. The commander’s turret, unlike the KV-1S tank. had a two-hatch hatch.

The drive mechanism of the turret mechanism of the tower had two flywheels of manual aiming located on both sides of the gun, so the turn could be carried out both by the gunner and the loader. The mechanism of turning the tower of the KV-85 tank with an electric motor. The heavy tank KV-85 had four observation devices.

Armament of the KV-85 tank was a 100 mm C-34 gun and a 122 mm D-25 cannon   Production of KV-85 tanks was discontinued in October 1943 and 148 vehicles were produced.   A heroic battle involving the KV-84 was demonstrated by the Seventh Guards Tank Regiment, which was placed at the disposal of the 60th Army of the First Ukrainian Front. The regiment held its first battle on November 23 near the settlement of Kostovtsi, which were occupied by the KV-85 tanks of infantry support.

Approximately at 14:30, up to 30 tanks of the enemy went into a counterattack, as a result of which the regiment moved to the defense in the village of Mestechko, where they continued to fight. Soon parts of the regiment were surrounded, but managed to retreat to the outskirts of Roger. The next day, five remaining KV-85 tanks with moto-arrows of the 186th Tank Brigade tried to repel Mestechko, but collided with German tanks.

The battle continued until darkness, during which all five Kv-85 tanks were lost. Despite this, the regiment did not allow the Germans to close the ring of encirclement around the rifle units, and allowed them to retreat to a new frontier.