Medieval Dynasty GUIDE Chapter 6: Resourcefulness or Animal Hunting

Hello dear friends! In this article, we will show you how to complete the sixth chapter “Ingenuity” in the game Medieval Dynasty. At first glance, it seems that nothing is complicated, but not everything is so simple. On the one hand, you need to prepare a character with difficult situations from the side of weather conditions and physical data. On the other hand, it is important to have good weapons that still need to be obtained and manufactured.

When the character is in full combat readiness, then you can go hunting. And here the difficult question arises, where to look for the right animals? Almost all animals live in certain territories, some appear in a certain season or live in the area of ​​their location. There were cases when the necessary animals were not even in a large radius of their usual location.

Therefore, it was assumed that they appear depending on the season. For example, “Bison” can usually be found in the fields across the river, previously appeared in the winter, now it should be at any time. There may have been some game flaws that have already been fixed.

Important details regarding the preparation of the character for the “Hunt” (Ingenuity) in the game Medieval Dynasty.

  1. Correct character pumping.

It is very important that the character is properly configured for difficult situations. Due to the correct pumping, you can reduce hunting time and survival. Including increased survival in difficult weather conditions, if the hunting season falls in the wintertime.

Hunting skills.

Going to hunt for “Bison” and other strong animals, it is advisable to pump at least some of the recommended parameters. To increase your chances of winning. Skills allow you to better wield ranged weapons and increase the character’s survivability.

  • “Steady hand”.

When shooting at long range, it is very important that the scope is in a stable position. Skill “Steady Hand” Allows you to improve aiming stability, the first level will increase stability by 10%. Thanks to this, stocks of arrows are saved, shooting becomes more accurate and saves time for catfish hunting.

  • “Pathfinder”.

Allows the character to turn on special vision – the “Inspector” mode, which is activated by the “Alt” button. Thanks to this, animals can be seen even in very dense grass. And wild animals can be seen from a distance and further actions can be planned in advance.

  • “Knowledge about hunting”.

If you start pumping this parameter at an early stage, you can speed up the pumping of the entire “Hunting” skill tree. Since the maximum level of “Knowledge of the hunt” gives, an additional + 15% experience when hunting.

Survival skills.

  • “Unresponsive”.

Sometimes a character needs to travel long distances during the “winter” of time. The “Immune” skill allows you to increase the character’s resistance to temperature, in the winter or summer-hot period. An increase even by 2 levels can greatly simplify the life of our character and make him more resilient.

Such moments are very common, and a complete set of winter clothes may not be available. At the same time, the weather conditions in the “Winter” period are different. For example, it is better to wait out the “Blizzard” within the confines of your home, as there is poor visibility and strong winds.

  • “Strong as an oak”.

Thanks to this skill, the character will have more health, which can increase survivability in battles. Each level increases an additional 10% health. When fully pumped, the character will have 30% more health.

  • “Knowledge of survival”.

It is advisable to pump it at the initial stage of development, to speed up the pumping of the “Survival” skills. At the third level, the character will receive + 15% additional experience.

  1. A good supply of food.

Going on the road you need to prepare and stock up on food and water. Water can be carried in the “Wineskin”, which can be found in special places in the Medieval Dynasty or bought from a merchant. Straw 10 -20 pieces and 2 pieces of “Torches”, can be useful for making a fire, to spend the night and cook food. It is best to spend the night near neutral settlements, so you can avoid unwanted contact with wild animals. And of course, stock up on medicinal herbs and potions to restore damaged health.

The first task is to make the “Bow” in the game Medieval Dynasty.

The first thing you need to do to start the passage of Chapter 6 “Ingenuity” is to make a good weapon “Bow”. First you need to buy a technology in the “Technology tree” tab. And simply to collect the necessary resources for production. For the manufacture of “Bow” you will need “Feather”, “branches”, “Linen thread”.

You can make the “Bow” in the “Hunter’s hut” or “Workshop” (“Forge”), if such buildings are built. If it hasn’t been built yet, then you need to build it. To be able to build such buildings, you need to hunt animals and gain experience from them.

“Linen thread” can be obtained after completing the task from Unigost “Sambor”, Unigost gives “Linen thread” as a reward. Or buy 10 Flax Stalk from a merchant and then recycle it at the Sewing Workshop. One unit of Linen Thread is required to make the Bow.

For hunting, it is advisable to have “stone arrows” in your pockets, of which there should be about 70 – 100 pieces. Since even with a good leveling of the Hunting skills, it is quite difficult to shoot at a great distance. You need to get used to, find the optimal aiming point, which is slightly higher than the target itself. The difficulty of shooting is also affected by the swinging sight, due to which sometimes arrows fly in the opposite direction from the target.

The second task is “Deer Hunt”, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Of all the animals specified in the task, “Deer” is the safest for the character. When approaching, the “Deer” runs away a long distance, which affects the time it takes to complete the task. With each direct hit, the “Deer” runs away from the character at great speed and at a great distance. So when hunting you have to run well. From one “Deer” you can get 3 units of “Leather” and 18 units of “Meat”.

About 6 “Stone Arrows” are enough to win, but the running around makes you think about the need for such a hunt. For example, “Doe” in terms of hunting and resource extraction will be more attractive. It takes less time to hunt, and the resources obtained, in comparison with the arrows fired and the distance.

Habitats of the “Deer” are different and are found in certain places at different times of the year. They usually live in forests with open areas. Not far from the settlement you can find 3 good hunting places at once, where there are few predatory animals. This greatly simplifies hunting, but in one such place there is only one “Deer”. Therefore, you will have to go further to the center of the map or wait for the next season or day.

The third task, “Wolf Hunt”, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

The wolf is a predatory animal, it is in third place in terms of danger to the character. More or less safe so far alone, but you can often find in a pack of 3 – 4 “Wolves”. A pack of “Wolves” is critical for the character and will probably be defeated if the “Wolves” start an attack. Even if only one “Wolf” is visible in the field of view, this does not mean that the rest will not come running after the shot. Since one “Wolf” can call for help from other “Wolves”.

Therefore, first it is advisable to look around and choose places with one “Wolf”. After that, you need to choose a safe distance and fire several shots. It is advisable to defeat the “Wolf” before he notices you and calls other “Wolves”. We do not recommend attacking the “Wolves” where several units are located at once. If you have already decided, then the distance for the attack must be selected very large so that you will not be noticed. From one “Wolf” you can get 3 units of “Fur” and 12 units of “Meat”. And you can win if you hit with “Stone Arrows” about 2-3 times.

The fourth task is hunting for the Bison, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Usually ” Bison ” are found in forests and far from water bodies. When hunting, you need to choose a good place where there are few trees, the most suitable place is the fields. In this case, you need to look around and exclude the presence of other wild animals, as this can significantly affect hunting. Unforeseen contact with other predatory animals can lead to injury.

We do not recommend hunting for Bison in dense forest and mountainous terrain. Since this is the most difficult area to hunt. Trees and foliage interfere with a targeted attack, with arrows often hitting trees rather than targeting them. In addition, there are many “Wolves” in these forests, because of which you will have to curtail the hunt. In extreme cases, a lot of time can be spent on such a hunt.

We offer you an excellent place where you can shoot at the Zubr without fear of a retaliatory attack. To do this, you need to cross the river, climb the hill and walk in the direction of the field. We actively use the “Inspector” (“Tracker”) mode to display a possible danger. When you reach the place you can see 2 large “Bison”.

About the details of hunting for “Bison”, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

When you get to the right place, you need to take the optimal distance. So that the “Inspector” (“Tracker”) mode barely illuminates the animals. Come closer to the tree and you can safely start the attack, without fear of a retaliatory attack.

On one ” Bison ” it took about 11 arrows to accurately hit different parts of the body. After such hits ” Bison ” runs away from the battlefield and after a while dies from bleeding. It is important to note that about 20 “Stone Arrows” were used for one shot; about 11 of these shots hit the target. One defeated “Bison” gives 7 units of “Leather” and 25 units of “Meat”.

If you hunt in principle with the aim of obtaining “Skin”, then “Bison” on the one hand is a suitable target. On the other hand, the “Boar” is less dangerous and more individuals are found in one place. Here it is worth considering what would be a more appropriate target. Another priority of “Kabakov” is that they are much closer to the settlement. And this is a significant saving of time in terms of passing.

The fifth mission “Bear Hunt”, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Usually such large animals are found in forests and near caves. We do not recommend hunting the “Bear” in the thick of the woods, as there may be other wild animals next to the “Bears”. In addition, hunting among the trees is very difficult. Given the highest danger to the character, places with high hunting priorities should be considered.

We offer you an excellent place where you can shoot at the “Bears” without fear of a retaliatory attack. To do this, you need to go closer to the center of the map, to the highlands. On the way, you may come across “Wolves”, which you can safely pass without engaging in battle. We actively use the “Inspector” (“Tracker”) mode to display a possible danger.

Having reached the mountainous area, you need to climb to the top of the hill. At the top of a hill or mountain, the shooting zone is very clearly visible, it is easier to aim fire, control the area and arrows fly further. In this case, the attack is carried out from a safe distance, where the “Bears” cannot see from where they are shooting.

On one “Bear” it took about 13-14 arrows to accurately hit different parts of the body. After such hits, “Bear” runs away from the battlefield and after a while dies from bleeding. It is important to note that there were about 49 “Stone Arrows” for this hunt, of which there were about 28 direct hits. At the end, the arrows ran out and I had to run to cut down the trees to make the Wooden Spears. Attacking the Bears with Wooden Spears is much more difficult. One defeated “Bear” gives 10 units of “Mech” and 25 units of “Meat”. These are several pieces of “Hares”, “Foxes” and “Badger”.