Medieval Dynasty detailed guide and overview of settlers for beginners

Hello dear friends! In the game Medieval Dynasty, players have the opportunity to develop their own village, attracting free settlers. Building your own village is good, but putting neutral characters in it is even better. Thus, you will not have to survive alone. To help, you can recruit settlers and attach them to work in industrial buildings.

True, at first the task is not easy. So you need to have time to complete the main and secondary tasks, if any. In addition, there are additional concerns for the implementation of the basic requirements of the new settlers. These requirements include the fulfillment of the need for food, water, the right tools, and so on. In this article we will tell you what the settlers need and how to solve the assigned tasks.

How to recruit and settle your first settler in Medieval Dynasty.

So, all the important preparatory work has been completed, the buildings have been completed, there are places to live and work for the settlers. Now you can be puzzled by the search and try to hire the first resident to your settlement. To do this, you need to go to the nearest allied village and look for free residents. Usually such inhabitants are placed around the fire.

You can accept women and men to live, it is important to pay attention to their characteristics. You can see in which directions they specialize using the “Inspector or Tracker” mode (Alt key). After activation, an indicator and characteristics will appear above the neutral character. The higher the scores, the better the settler performs in the assigned position.

It may not be possible to immediately accept to your settlement, since the dynasty reputation points may not be enough and the characters are not yet familiar. To increase your reputation, you need to start dialogues with the person you want to take to your settlement. After a few positive dialogues, the settler can give a positive answer and start working for you. To do this, you will need to invite a settler to your village.

How to provide all the necessary settlers, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

While the settlement does not have a full staff of workers, you will have to form some resources yourself. The first villager can be assigned to any constructed production building for which the warehouse buildings “Storage” and “Granary” have already been built. We do not recommend appointing a villager to a position without warehouse buildings, since resources simply will not be produced.

When a villager gets a position, he will extract the resources that a production building can produce. For example, “Woodshed” or “Hunting Hut”, the first produces lumber, and the second “Food” and related resources. All the remaining important resources will have to be mined on their own.

What resources are needed for a settler in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Having hired the first settler, the question of providing everything necessary will almost immediately arise. At first, some difficulties may arise, for example, the settler is hungry, wants to drink water and freezes in winter. If you fail to meet these requirements, the settler may leave your settlement.

To meet the settler’s requirements, you need to know some points:

  1. Providing food for the settlers, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

To do this, you need to build an important and key building “Granary”, which stores food resources. At first, you can feed the settler only with the help of this building. To do this, you need to collect food yourself. Such food can be “Meat”, it needs to be cooked and put into the chest of the “Breadbasket” building. After that, the settler himself, automatically, will take food as needed.

It is advisable to appoint the first settler to the position of “Hunter” in the “Hunter’s Hut” building. In this case, the settler himself will extract the resources of “Food” and automatically store them in the building “Granary”. You just need to take the food obtained by the settler and cook it yourself. And put a part of the prepared food in the “Granary” to feed the settlers.

To simplify the task of supplying ready-made food for the settlers, we recommend that you collect at least 40 pieces of raw food. Then cook and put in the building “Granary”. It is important to note that the more settlers there are in the village, the more ready-made food needs to be produced.

About the automatic mode of replenishing food stocks using the “Kitchen”.

You can use the building “Kitchen” for the production of ready-made food, then you will need a settler to work as a cook. And one more to work in the “Workshop” building, where plates and spoons are produced. At the same time, it will be necessary to calculate the consumption of sawn timber, and perhaps two lumberjacks will have to be arranged in the “Woodshed” building. Thus, you can establish a full-fledged food production for the entire village.

At the initial stage of the game, the building “Kitchen” is of little use. Since you need a good staff of settlers, and cooking food for your needs requires a lot of food resources. This is a collection of food from different resources in addition to plates. Not only do you have to spend time looking for additional food, besides “Meat”, plates are also added.

“Plates” are made in the workshop from “Log”. And this suggests that it is necessary to collect the required amount of “Log”, taking into account the needs of the village. Bring it to the “Workshop” and make the required amount. This procedure takes additional time. As a result, it is easier to collect a large amount of “Meat”, cook and feed the whole village with it.

  1. How to provide water to the settlers, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

In the early stages of development, you can quench your thirst with the help of “Berries”. But it takes a very long time to replenish stocks in the right amount. Therefore, solving the problem with berries is not very suitable.

About the way with the full participation of our character.

In our case, the closest container for water transfer, which was in our case, is “Wineskin. We found the container “Wineskin” during the passage of one of the tasks. And at that time he was the only source of water for our hero, during long travels. And giving to the villager was not a good idea.

The most suitable container for solving the problem of thirst for the villager is the “Bucket”. First you need to get 10 points of “Craft”, and then buy “Technology” to make a “Bucket”, for 100 coins. When the Bucket technology has been acquired, you can safely start developing and manufacturing.

About the manufacture of “Bucket”.

The product “Bucket” is made from the resource “Board”. Planks can be crafted from another Log resource in the Woodshed building. First, we produce the logs and store them in the Woodshed. Having typed the desired amount of “Logs” You can safely stand behind the workbench and produce the resource “Boards”.

The Bucket product is manufactured in the Workshop building. To produce the “Bucket” you need to collect the “Board” resources and take them to the “Workshop” building. After that, using the workbench, you can safely produce several “Bucket” products. One item is produced in a few seconds.

So, the standard manufacturing process has been overcome and completed. Now you need to collect the manufactured “Buckets” with water and take it to the building where the settler lives. First, go to the nearest water, open your inventory and move the empty “Buckets” to a free slot. Now you need to take the Bucket in your hands and fill it with water.

The buckets filled with water must be taken to the house where the villager lives. In this case, it is important to store “Buckets of water” in a chest in this house. If you put water on the floor in a villager’s house, then there will be no positive effect. After placing the “Buckets with water”, the villager will automatically consume water according to his needs.

About the automatic process of replenishing with water all the villagers in the village.

Recently, the game Medieval Dynasty has a tool that allows you to give water to the entire village. At the same time, without the special participation of our hero. To do this, you need to build a building “Well” and assign a settler to work. Thus, the whole village will begin to receive the “Water” source without the participation of the main character.

In the early stages, you will have to work with the Well yourself. Since the settlers are needed in other positions, food extraction and lumber production. And the very position of a worker in the “Well” building becomes in demand when there are a lot of people in the settlement.

  1. Providing the settlers with “Firewood”, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Resource “Firewood” is needed by the settlers to survive the cold winter. Produced “Firewood” in the building “Woodshed”, and the resource “Log”. At the initial stage, the function of a lumberjack can be performed independently. In the future, of course, it is recommended to accept a new villager for this job.

Initially, you can heat your houses with “Branches” and “Log”, but “Firewood” from some point of view increases the “Happiness” of the settlers. In order for the “Houses” to be sealed off automatically, it is necessary to store the sawn timber with the “Storage” warehouse building. Alternatively, you can deliver “Firewood” to each villager’s house and store them in chests.

  1. How to make the settlers work or provide the villager with the necessary tools, in the game Medieval Dynasty.

The tools in the hands of the villager are an important moment in the development of the village. Because without tools, the hired villager will not be able to work and be useful. To equip a peasant worker with a tool, such tools must be made and placed in the building where the villager is working.

For example, if a villager works as a “Hunter” in the “Hunter’s Hut” building, then he needs the “Knife” tool. You can make the first type of “Knife” from the resources “Branches” and “Stone”. After making the required number of “Knives”, they need to be placed in the chest, which is located in the building “Hunting Hut”. When the “Knives” are in the chest, the settler-hunter will automatically start doing his job.

It is advisable to immediately make a lot of tools that settlers work with, so as not to often run around to replenish their needs. This saves a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the game. At the same time, each building may have its own key tools with which settlers can fulfill their duties.

You can see what tools a worker may need in the “Management” tab. To do this, you will need to find and select a production building in the “Management” tab. On the right, a window is activated where the operation of the production building is configured. In the same window, you can see the required tools for the normal operation of the production building.

  1. How to cheer up the settlers in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Mood is a very important metric to consider when recruiting a large number of settlers. If the settlers are in a bad mood, he can simply leave the village. At the initial stage, it may seem that a big problem has not happened and you can quickly find a new settler. But, not everything is so simple, you need to understand that settlers with good skills are difficult to find.

At the same time, in the process of working for you, the settlers increase their experience in the appointed position. In some cases, the loss of a good worker can be troublesome. Even if we consider a new settler, it is not a fact that he will be caught with better professional indicators. Based on this, it is important to keep the full staff of settlers from the very beginning of the game and try to keep the “Mood” at a normal level.

There is one more important nuance. All new settlers are randomly generated. Different settlers may appear at different times. There was a case when we came across a settler with indicators of 2-3 units of professional skills. They did not hire him, and when they decided to hire him, he was no longer there. At the same time, even in other villages and for a long period of time, settlers with such characteristics were not observed.

What is needed to keep the “Mood” at a normal level.

The mood can be increased with the help of the “Drov” warehouse stocks, as they will be warm during the winter period. To do this, it is necessary to distribute the production capacity in the building “Woodshed” and establish the production of “Firewood”. This can be done in the “Management” tab by selecting the “Woodshed” production building. This is one of the important things to set up early in the game.

The second condition, when raising the “Mood” to a good level, is good and warm clothes. It is important that clothes are selected for the season. To do this, you need to put unnecessary clothes in a chest in the house where the settler lives. They can dress themselves as they please. But, such moments may not work, in our case the settlers were already dressed in winter clothes.

The third important point is good buildings made of insulated material. You can satisfy these needs after a while, as you progress through the game. We’ll have to look for new resources and produce new semi-finished products, such as plaster and others.