Medieval Dynasty Tavern review and resources needed for construction

Medieval Dynasty features many buildings from the medieval period, each with its own key features. In order to have the opportunity to build new structures, you need to pump the appropriate skills and abilities. Or rather, develop in the appropriate direction, which can be viewed in the “Technologies” tree. At the same time, not only the discovery of the corresponding technologies is pumped, but also the inner qualities of the character himself.

The building, open for construction, will allow the manufacture of new types of tools, weapons and clothing. These tools include axes, hoes, sickle, and others. The character may also be able to cook new types of dishes to solve the problem of hunger. In order to open new dishes, you first need to pump the required level of technology, and then buy open technology for coins.

As a result, for survival and successful passage you need to engage in construction and build new buildings. Some buildings make it possible to create coziness in the settlement and provide an opportunity for overnight stay in houses. Others function as production buildings in which advanced resources such as planks can be crafted. Or they perform functions in the production of food, these may include buildings for farming purposes.

Advice before constructing buildings in Medieval Dynasty.

The speed of construction is affected by the available stock of resources, which is used in construction. To quickly build a building, it is advisable to stock up on building resources and you need to prepare the amount. The most difficult resource in the construction of a building is “Log”, since it weighs a lot and cannot be moved a lot at one time. In addition, it takes a long time to mine the Log because of the felling of trees.

The easiest way to collect “Straw”, which can be found near the water from the “Reed”. It also takes some time to collect, but you can carry large quantities of straw. And if you make one big collection, then it can be enough for a long time.

The situation is similar with “Sticks”, you can quickly collect it in the winter period, as there is practically no grass and the sticks are very clearly visible. In addition, “Sticks” are obtained from fallen trees, after processing. As a result, the “Stick” resource is quite an accessible resource.

Watch construction video

Resources for the construction of the “Tavern” in the game Medieval Dynasty.

The construction will require a foundation of 10 units of “Log”. For the construction of the walls, 35 pieces of “Palkok” and 5 pieces of “Log” are needed. To build the roof, you will need 48 Straw and 6 Log units. As a result, you will need 21 Log, 35 Sticks and 48 Straw.

You will need a special tool to start construction. “Construction hammer”, with the help of it you can assemble the structure of the building. And the “Stone Ax”, which will allow you to extract the resources of “Log” and “Stick”.

In the built tavern, the character can interact with 3 items. A stove on which you can cook food. In this case, you can cook like on a fire and fry meat or fish. And the “Cauldron” in which you can cook more advanced food such as soup and others. Only for cooking food in the “Cauldron” will require the purchase of “Technology” and the necessary resources for cooking. “Chest” for 50 kilograms of capacity, in which it is advisable to put only food.

The built tavern makes it possible to serve and supply the villagers with edible food. Several families can gather under one roof at once, since there are several tables and stools. Unlike the tavern in the allied village, our tavern is practically open and half of the walls are missing.


Advice for renovating buildings after bad weather conditions.

On one of the beautiful nights, after sleeping, we received a notification about broken buildings due to heavy rain. Damaged buildings need to be repaired. To do this, you need to go to the building with the available building material “Sticks” and other resources, and press the right mouse button. After that, an interface window will appear, where you can select the desired actions for the repair, improvement, or demolition of the building.